Getting Personal… A Few of My Weird Writing Habits by Lacey Savage

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I’ve written many blog posts over the years, most focusing on my latest book, work-in-progress, or the writing life in general, but I’ve never cracked open my office door and invited you to take a peek at some of my… stranger writing habits.

I think all writers have them, and yes, some are stranger than others. Truman Capote wrote lying down. John Cheever wrote in his underwear. (Wrote while wearing underwear – I don’t mean that he actually wrote in the fabric of his skivvies, but who knows? Maybe he did!) Vladimir Nabokov wrote entire novels on index cards. All right, so we’re a strange lot, us authors. Here are a few of my weird habits:

–       I have a gorgeous office… and never use it. Instead, I write in my library, sitting in a leather chaise lounge, with my laptop on my lap.

–       I burn a candle during all writing sessions. But not just any candle: it has to be a “Trick or Treat” candle from Yankee Candle, because the smell of candy corn and buttercream apparently gets the words flowing for me.

–       I brew a cup of tea before each writing session. But just like with the candle, it can’t be any type of tea. It’s a green tea flavored with rose petals, which I can only find at a specialty tea shop here in town.

–       I start by reading a chapter of one of my favorite books. I keep a stack by my writing chair for this purpose, and often grab one at random. I find this gets my brain used to what good writing sounds like: the flow of dialogue, the intricacies of beautiful description… before I know it I’m itching to write my own prose.

–       I’m highly motivated by calls for submission, and I often challenge myself to come up with a story in a genre or around a theme I’d never contemplate on my own. (Know of a publisher that wants a story about vampire motorcycle gangs, set at Christmas in Jamaica? I’m all over that!)

–       I have a folder on my desktop that’s home to roughly 30 manuscripts in various stages of completion. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve finished more books than I’ve abandoned, so that’s something, right?

Your turn! Do you have any weird habits you’d like to share with the world? They don’t have to be writing-related, of course, but I’ll feel a little less alone if you let me in on a few of yours!

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Award-winning author Lacey Savage loves to write about her dreams – or more specifically, she loves to breathe life into her steamy fantasies (and she’s got plenty!). She pens erotic tales of true love and mythical destiny, peopled with strong alpha heroes and feisty heroines. A hopeless romantic, Lacey loves writing about the intimate, sensual side of relationships. She currently resides in Ottawa, Canada, with her loving husband and their mischievous cat.





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4_23 Cover_Coming UnboundGinny and Cole have struggled to connect intimately since before their marriage. When Cole suggests they surprise each other with the most sexually daring things they can dream up for their anniversary, Ginny reluctantly musters every ounce of courage she possesses to get nipple piercings.

Cole’s surprise?

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Or, if they’re not careful, possibly just break Ginny.


  1. Rita Wray says:

    I’m not sure if it’s a weird habit but when I start reading a book if it doesn’t grab me right from the beginning I put it aside to read later and choose a different book.


  2. The candle sounds like it has a nice smell

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Thank you for hosting

  4. Karen H in NC says:

    Nope, no weird habits for me….but then I’m not a writer! Thanks for giving us insight into your writing cave.

    I’ve heard it said so many times that the first line of a book must grab the reader’s attention in order for the reader to continue. Is that all important first line actually the first line you write? Or do you get your story started and go back later to discover what will be the perfect first line?

    • I almost always keep the original first line. I’m not terribly hung up on making the first line “perfect”. I think as long as it grabs the reader’s attention and makes her want to move on to the second line, I’ve done my job. 🙂 I’m more concerned with the way the first page flows as a whole rather than focusing on the first line on its own.

  5. Thanks so much for having me here today! I had a great time writing this post… I had no idea I had so many weird habits to share. 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing your quirks with us. My weird habits are that I am pretty OCD before leaving the house, I have to check everything multiple time, the stove, the toaster, the door, the lights and so on, etc before I’ll leave.

    • Shannon, I do that, too! And on the few occasions when I’m too rushed to check everything, I drive everyone crazy because I’m constantly wondering if I left the hair curler on. (It’s always the curler I freak out about… I don’t know why. I have this vision of my cat jumping on the bathroom counter, knocking the hot iron over into the trash bin, and starting a house fire.)

  7. Rita Wray says:

    Hi Lacey, yes I do go back to the original book. I have to be in the mood for a certain genre. If it’s the wrong genre at that time I can’t get into it.

  8. Cool! One of the best “peek into my writing habits” ive read! I really felt like I got a picture of you, getting all set up with your tea and candle and writing 🙂 I also like the sounds of that tea! Sounds like something I’d love 🙂

    andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

  9. Chelsea B. says:

    I feel you on reading a favorite book for inspiration. Reading a great book makes you want to write a great book 🙂
    Don’t feel bad. I’m a bit OCD, so I have plenty of quirks 😉


  10. Wow, those are pretty interesting writing habits! The tea one is one I share 🙂

  11. I don’t like to order ice/ cold water when I go to restaurants, even in Summer. I’ll ask for “no ice”. I would prefer room temperature or a little hot, but it’s just easier to say “no ice” so the server doesn’t have to do more work for me.

    strive4bst(At) yahoo(Dot) com

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