Genre Mashups


  1. Loved the excerpt; it was great.

    Another book for my must have list!

    Tracey D
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  2. I enjoy genre mashups as well. I think it is a fun way to keep stories fresh and for writers to step out of their comfort zone.

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  3. I can honestly say I have never thought of reading a book like this. Now I’m intrigued.


  4. Great excerpt! Love Japanese samuris!

    books4me67 at

  5. I read multiple genres and enjoy them all. Genre mashups are fairly new to me but I think I’m really going to like them. I’ll have to keep an eye out for them. I can imagine it would be a challenge but also a fun thing for writers and readers. It means more unique stories. The idea of samurai warrior or Japanese goddess does appeal.

  6. This sounds like an interesting read.


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