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Finding Time to Write
So how does an aspiring writer find time to write? This question must be as age old as the meaning of life. Or, at least as old as the Industrial Revolution. Or, maybe as old as the computer age. Heck, I don’t know. It’s a question that gets asked a lot. I’ve been asked it and I know plenty of successful New York Times bestsellers have been asked this as well.

Here’s my two cents on the subject. It boils down to one thing and one thing only: passion. First and foremost, you’ve gotta want it. You’ve got to want to make writing a career so badly you dream about it every night. Or, at the very least, you daydream about it.

Once you’ve got the passion, you will find the time. Heck, you will make time. You will carve out five minutes before dinner to write a paragraph, you will take your computer into the bathroom with you (if that’s the only place your toddler can’t follow you), and you will take it doctor’s appointments because you know you’re going to be sitting there anyway.

Basically, you need to make time to write. Stephen King says devote four hours a day to either writing or writing and reading. Liliana Hart has no qualms about chastising wannabe writers who complain they don’t have the time. If you’re an early bird and you’re already get up at 5 am, push that clock back to 4 am and crank out five hundred words. Everyday. In six months you’ll have written a book.

Or, if you’re a night owl, stay up an hour or two after everyone has gone to bed and write. Do you see what I’m saying—make the time and stop making excuses.

Currently, I have a sixteen-month-old and am two weeks away from giving birth to our second child. In order to write the Dark Revolution series (that RENDERED is a part of), I got up almost every morning at 4 am and wrote until 5:30, at which time I had to get ready to start my day. Did I want to get up every morning? Heck no. I wanted to stay in my warm, cozy bed. But I knew if I wanted to get a few books written, I needed to get my rear end out from under the covers, make some coffee and get those words on the page. Were the words always great? Of course not. But they needed to be expelled. That way, I felt like I was moving toward my goal of having three books completed before the baby was born.

So do I subscribe to the “no excuses” category of this conversation? Absolutely. If you want it, you’ve gotta find the time. No matter what. It will pay off. I promise.

5_4 BookCover_RenderedTen years ago, Drian Becker underwent the Rendering, a humiliating body exam imposed upon the masses by her father, a commander in the Patriot Army. Being a high ranking official’s daughter, Drian thought she was safe from the practice—not so. Her father’s betrayal left her emotionally scarred and dishonored.

It’s now 2098. Drian hasn’t thought about the Rendering since she became leader of a rebel faction—mostly because she’s an expert at hiding her feelings behind a thick outer wall of badass attitude.

All that changes when Colvin Hinton walks into her camp. With his easy swagger and even easier demeanor, Colvin makes being a rebel look good enough to taste. But when Drian finds herself tangled in his charms she lets down her guard, giving an old enemy the chance to take her out once and for all.

If loving a man is this dangerous, would Drian have been better off remaining in the clutches of her father and living with the scars of being RENDERED?

Enjoy an excerpt:

“Do the rest of you want what Liam says? Do you want to raid the arsenal at Brenton? Because I promise you, it won’t be as easy as he makes it out to be, not by a long shot. Not without more bodies and better knowledge. Do we know when the guards change shifts? Do we know all their positions? We need someone on the inside, someone who can provide us with intimate details of the daily runnings of things. Right now we’re going in blind. Are half of you prepared to die? Because that’s what’ll happen if we do this haphazard. But if all of you want to go in, we can do it. I’ll agree to send half of you to your deaths, but you must give me time to increase our forces so that when I’ve lost most of you, we can still rebuild this camp and keep surviving.”

Liam snorted. “Always simply surviving. I want more than just survival, Drian. And I’m not the only one. You’ve had plenty of time to come up with a plan to make our lives better. How much more time do you need?” He turned toward the gathered crowd. “How long will we listen to excuses?”

The fire caught on a new log and intensified. Drian felt the heat wash over her, flushing her face and body with its energy. She let it fuel her words. “Then let’s do it. Let’s form a plan, go in and attack the fort. We have, what, fifty people? Not including the children, of course. Let’s send them all in, and when Becker’s men capture us—because he will; there’s a few hundred guarding the place—who will rescue us? The children we’ve left behind?”

About the Author:5_4 rendered AuthorPhoto_RenderedAfter living in Chicago, Louisville and New York, Amy finally settled in North Alabama with her husband. Along with writing, she has a passion for cooking ridiculously fattening food and complaining about weight gain. She loves to connect with readers.

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  1. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Mai T. says:

    Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

    • Good morning! Yes, I think covers are super important. Once I heard a librarian say she wouldn’t stock books with a terrible covers because she couldn’t get people to read them. Her words were, “I’ve been burned before…” To me, that says a lot. The outside really matters. Whenever I see books with bad covers, I skip right past them–I suspect other people do as well.

  3. Thank you Long and Short for hosting me!

  4. shaunie says:

    When did you know you were going to become a writer

    • I was writing by age 10. My first attempt at a novel was fan fiction based on Little Women. Then in eighth grade I auditioned for the writing department of a fine arts high school. I wasn’t accepted. The comment was that my writing was immature. One not to be deterred, I auditioned for the theater department. Looking back, theater taught me more about writing than probably the creative writing dept would have. Acting is all about a character’s intentions in a scene, which is what writing is about as well–what a given character is after.

  5. lori faires says:

    Sounds interesting. I enjoyed the excerpt. Blessings & Thanks to all.

  6. Sandy S says:

    Great excerpt and guest post. Congratulations to Amy on the new release. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity

  7. sounds interesting

  8. Rita Wray says:

    I enjoyed the excerpt.

  9. What was your inspiration for this novel?

  10. There wasn’t anything that directly inspired this book, though I tend to take ideas from everywhere. This is the second book in my dark revolution series. The first book, Unlikely Rebel, gives you an intro to the world and the difference in the rebels and the faction running the government. In this book, I wanted to focus more on the rebels and explore the hero, Colvin, who appears in book one. I also wanted a very classic love/hate relationship between the hero and heroine that ended with a happy ending, of course.

  11. momjane says:

    I think if you are truly a writer, you have to write. It sounds as though you are meant to be a writer. I loved this excerpt.

  12. Eva Millien says:

    Sound like a great book I have added it to my TBR. Thanks for sharing the great expert

  13. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Thank you for the chance!

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    Thanks for the giveaway. I like the excerpt and the cover. <3

  15. Best of luck to you!

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    sounds like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway.

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