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Country Boys
By Em Petrova

Since I write hardworking heroes—in bed and out—I write a lot of country boys. From cowboys to loggers and even a hot country orthodontist, you’ll find they all have something in common. Here are the top 5 things:

1. They’re all good with their hands. Whether wielding a chainsaw, roping cattle, or even applying the finest braces to your child’s mouth (LIP LOCK available for pre-order ) these guys know how to use those big, rough hands! And you know what that means, don’t ya?

2. Worn jeans—yep, my guys might get dressed up for a funeral or wedding but you’ll catch them lounging in worn jeans slung oh, so low on those fine hips!
3. Hats of all kinds. We’re talking leather Stetsons, grubby ball caps, knit caps pulled low over smoldering eyes, and straw cowboy hats. Pull the hat off and you’ve got mussed hair perfect for running your fingers through!
4. A dominant streak in the bedroom. These guys are used to commanding nature and beast. They aren’t going to sit back and let their gal take control in the bedroom—at least not for very long! Be prepared to be shoved against a wall, bent over a tree, or sprawled over a hay bale!
5. Drool-worthy glares—these country boys aren’t fooling around. You cross them and you’re gonna know it. They can deliver a glare that will make the biggest, strongest bully wet his pants. But when they turn those stares to their women, you’d better watch out. Fun is about to take place!

Thanks for stopping by! I’d love to hear your favorite thing about country boys. Leave a comment for a chance to win a goody bag stuffed with Author Swag—playing cards, post-it notes, and more!

Now read on for a peek at my latest country boy, SLICK RIDER from Loose Id.

7_18 EM_SlickRider_coverlgThe bell for room four pealed for the third time in a quarter of an hour. Lilly Hall whirled around and glared at the light flashing over the door. The normally quiet alarm sounded like a gong in her head.

“Bed four needs something, Lilly. Don’t keep your patient waiting,” her fellow physical therapist assistant Katie said with a grin. Short-staffed as always during late summer. Everyone went on vacation and left the physical therapists to answer call lights.

“He needs something all right.” A kick in the chaps—bound and gagged. The insufferable cowboy was driving Lilly’s patience to the brink. If she heard his country drawl one more time, she was going to do something very bad. Like hog-tie him with a resistance band.

Juss Rossie, star of the rodeo circuit, was injured and on her turf. He was everything Lilly had dreamed he’d be—his game was smoother than aged whiskey and every hard inch of his body spoke of the power and control he exerted over the bulls he rode.

Now he was confined to a sling and a splint after taking a fall from Bushwhacker, one of the meanest, ugliest bulls on the Professional Bull Riders Tour. Juss had ridden it for seven seconds before he was flung off laterally, tearing his knee and dislocating his shoulder and popping several ligaments. They’d brought him in gritting his teeth in pain, refusing to take any pain meds. The first thing Lilly had done was help hold him down while a nurse administered a big fat shot to his tanned butt cheek.

Yes, he was wonderfully tanned—all the way to his toes.

And horribly infuriating.

The light over his door kept flashing. Having a long shift with a frustrating patient made Lilly grind her teeth and remind herself why she loved physical therapy. For two more weeks she was stuck with him in this private rehab center. Unfortunately, Juss Rossie had assigned himself to her every waking moment of those two weeks. Money could do that.

If she was being honest with herself, she’d admit she was like a cat in heat for the panty-drenchingly-sexy cowboy. How many times had she watched him on the Jumbotron being jerked all over the place and wished she could mount a man with that much skill?

As a physical therapist’s assistant, she often traveled to the arena with Doctor Paddington, who personally saw to several of the riders. She’d never seen Juss up close and personal before though. She would have remembered those steely biceps, corded forearms, hard chest…and the hat he would have worn dipped low over those smoldering black eyes that went with a blacker reputation.

They called him Slick Rider because he’d started out riding broncos, and it was rumored he liked to ride bareback. Actually, his reputation was that he preferred everything bare.

Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes—in bed and out~


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