Character Interview with Nicole Anima – Regenerate by Sarita Leone

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LASR: It isn’t often a superagent from a top-secret government intelligence agency spills the beans but that’s exactly what we’re hoping for today. Agent Nicole Anima, one of the globe’s hardest hitters, both tactically and intellectually, is here with us. Agent Anima, welcome to the blog. Thank you for taking time out of your busy butt-kicking, lifesaving adventures to stop in!

Anima: Thanks for having me. There’s a bit of a lull in my work just now, so I’m happy to visit with you.

LASR: Your work with The Octopus, right?

Anima: I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of—

LASR: Oh, right. You can’t admit the agency exists, can you? You’d have to kill us if you told us about the place, right? The one that “doesn’t exist” beneath the loamy Pennsylvania countryside?

Anima: Something like that, yes.

LASR: Okay, then, we’ll just go on to safer topics… Tell us, how is Benjamin Sinclair as a lover?

Anima: What? You can’t be serious—

LASR: Oh, no need to answer. We saw the sizzle between you two in REGENERATE.

Anima: Well, there’s bound to be some heat between partners who have a…ah, a history, the way Agent Sinclair and I do.

LASR: I’ll say! I’ve heard that some readers went straight into cold showers after reading certain parts of you story.

Anima: I don’t know what to say…

LASR: No need to say anything, Agent Anima.

Anima: Please, call me Nicole.

LASR: Great! So, Nicole, that whole save-the-world mission was quite an adventure, wasn’t it? You jumped from a plane, crashed into a continent, dangled off the side of a building—nearly nude, I might add!—with a bomb hanging off your bra clasp, and defeated a whole army of zombies. It couldn’t have been easy, taking all those risks.

Anima: Well, in my line of work I’m used to doing whatever it takes. I mean, the fate of the species depends on whether or not we’re able to uncover, eliminate, and restore.

LASR: For our non-tactical readers, please explain that.

Anima: Sure. Well, let’s say we’re sent on a mission to thwart a global takeover precipitated by an economic crash implemented by those who create and control a legion of zombies.

LASR: Hypothetically speaking, of course?

Anima: Well…yes, totally hypothetical. As I said, I’m not at liberty to discuss mission details…

LASR: So we won’t ask you to, but this does sound incredibly similar to your mission with that hunk Benjamin Sinclair in REGENERATE…

Anima: Um, yes, but really, similarities are not uncommon in many areas of life.

LASR: If you say so. So, back to the uncover, eliminate, restore business if you will.

Anima: When agents go into the field, they kick the bushes and see what scurries out.

LASR: Like zombies, in REGENERATE?

Anima: Sure, sometimes zombies are the menace. And when the subject emerges the agents on the mission need to eliminate that threat.

LASR: The zombies you and Sinclair found in Haiti, Belgium, and wherever else they lurked weren’t easy to kill, were they?

Anima: Zombies aren’t the hardest enemy to dispose of but you’re right, they do pose a unique set of challenges.

LASR: Unless you’re a regenerated commando who is invincible and immortal, like your sexy partner, Ben.

Anima: I can’t deny that Agent Sinclair has certain assets that make him a perfect superagent.

LASR: Oh, yes, we saw those assets! And let me tell you, he is a fine specimen of manhood—oh, he isn’t a man, is he?

Anima: Agent Sinclair is a regenerated commando.

LASR: And those assets…my, oh my…I’m surprised you don’t call him Ben rather than Agent Sinclair.

Anima: Trying to keep it professional here—so, with that in mind, would you like me to move on to the restore part of operational tactics?

LASR: Sure.

Anima: If there wasn’t something less-than-wonderful going on in the world, we wouldn’t be called in, so we strive to leave the situation better than it was when a mission is initiated. That means we restore as much as we are able to, once we uncover the threat and eliminate it. People don’t like their apple carts upset so we right them, pick up as many apples and we can, and leave with the hope that most of humankind never even realizes there’s been any sort of peril. We don’t want to disturb the human condition by triggering panic or cultivating fear.

LASR: In other words, the agents from The Octopus save the world without the world even knowing it’s been saved?

Anima: I can neither confirm nor deny—

LASR: Okay, I forgot that part but from what you’ve just told us, you and Ben—ah, Agent Sinclair are superheroes.

Anima: We’re two agents assigned to various operations where our distinct talents will be best put to use.

LASR: You’re psychic, aren’t you?

Anima: Yes, I am. The ability has been with me since childhood and aside from two instances, has not failed me.

LASR: Like when you drank poison in Africa?

Anima: Details of the mission like that aren’t open to discussion. I’m sorry.

LASR: That’s fine. We saw what happened. Tell me, can you read my mind now?

Anima: Why yes, I can.

LASR: What am I thinking, then?

Anima: You sure you want me to say? We do have an audience…

LASR: Go ahead. We’re all friends.

Anima: You’re wondering if Ben—Agent Sinclair and I are seeing each other or if you’ve got a chance with him.

LASR: Well done! So?

Anima: So do you have a chance to get cozy with Ben? You’ll have to ask him that yourself. I can’t speak for him.

LASR: But are you two still an item?

Anima: That’s a tough question. We have a history…

LASR: But do you have a future? Say as the future Mrs. Sinclair?

Anima: Time will tell, I guess. I can’t predict the future.

LASR: Can you tell us, at least, whether there will be a sequel to REGENERATE?

Anima: Oh, yes, there will be a sequel—a whole series, actually. As long as the world needs saving from zombies, nuclear war, biohazards, or any of the other horrors people inflict upon each other, we’ll be around.

LASR: Thank you for joining us today, Nicole.

Anima: My pleasure! Thanks for having me!

LASR: But The Octopus—it’s real, isn’t it?

Anima: I can neither confirm nor deny…

The Octopus isn’t an urban myth—and its agents are anything but ordinary. The intelligence bureau is so well-hidden most doubt its existence. A handful know its location. And fewer walk the halls in the subterranean compound.

Benjamin Sinclair didn’t ask to be a scientific miracle but every mission has its risks and one perfectly-placed bullet ended his life—for a brief moment in time.

Nicole Anima battles demons every day. Life as a paranormal resources operative gives her tortured mind a rest—and keeps her from contemplating her own death.

When Anima and Sinclair partner on a globe-trotting race to eliminate the threat about to cripple humanity, all hell breaks loose. Leaping from planes, crashing into continents, dealing with voodoo priestesses, and running through jungles with zombies hot on their trail doesn’t leave much time for romance, but this duo somehow manages to sizzle.

Two agents. Telepathic mind paired with regenerated commando. One world—and a mission to save it.

Enjoy an Excerpt
“I’m sorry.”

“And that covers it, right? I’ve tried to hate you for fourteen months, and that’s all you’ve got to say?”

Stop. Just, stop. The plea came from his mind as clearly as if he’d said the words out loud.

They were in too far to pull back now.

“How many times can I say I’m sorry?” A muscle worked in his jaw. “How many will it take for it to be enough?”

“Keep going. I’ll let you know when it’s enough.”

The closest zombie put a hand on her shoulder. Squeezed.

A warning.

She invaded his mind. So much white screeching noise, but something sinister, as well.

“Stop the car!” She leaned over the seat and grabbed the driver by the shirt. “Stop—now!”

They’d reached the restaurant parking lot. It was early, and the only cars belonged to employees. Parked near the back, far from the main entrance.

The startled man’s reactions were instant. His foot stomped on the brakes. By the time the car stopped moving, she was over the seat and pushing him out the driver’s side door.

Sinclair exited the back and they ran. The car idled for a moment.

Then, an explosion that shook the ground and sent the trio to their knees.

About the Author:

Sarita Leone is an award-winning author who has written romance in many forms including Regency, paranormal, and contemporary. She loves happily-ever-afters in any setting!

When she’s not writing, Ms. Leone spends her time hiking, learning languages, and traveling. She loves adventure and can pack a suitcase, grab her passport, and hit the road in less time than it takes to peel an apple!

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