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Kathryn Elliott, author of the women’s fiction Adding Lib has stopped by with a character interview with Libby.

Welcome Libby! Tell the folks a little bit about your home life?

Why, don’t they have cable?

Fine, but I’m not all that exciting. I’m married; my husband Bo is a public defender and sexual God. (I had to say that so he’ll finish mowing the damn lawn.) We’ve got two kids, Shannon is thirteen and blissfully hormonal, while Charlie thinks second grade is the perfect place to exert his independence and declare war on bathing. Oh, and we’ve got a dog, Stump. He’s a rescue with flatulence issues. Yeah, we didn’t know that at the pound – not the kind of thing they disclose to eager adopters blinded by Labrador cuteness.

Then there’s my mother, Mae. (Insert ominous music here.)

Uh oh, how is your relationship with Mae?

Until a few weeks ago it was the typical mother-daughter stuff. Nagging, good-hearted teasing, nothing done without equal doses of love and laughter, but she’s getting strange – secretive almost, like she needs to tell me something but can’t find the words; even Jesus noticed. (Jesus is my pet name for my older brother, Sean. Mom treats him like the second coming – my younger brother Kevin and I feed the divine stereotyping at every opportunity.)

Mom asked me to take her to see a neurologist next week. Actually, she asked me more than once; that’s part of the problem. I mean I know it’s normal to get forgetful as we age – but there is something bigger going on.

Don’t misunderstand, Mom isn’t wearing her bra on the outside or anything like that, it’s just little things, out of place things. Caroline mentioned it the other day, too.

Who’s Caroline?

Oh, Car and I have been best friends since before we had permanent teeth. We met in second grade at Immaculate Conception Elementary and we’ve been raising hell ever since. She’s an honorary part of the family, always has been. She moved back to town after finally divorcing Steve-The-Schmuck; the man was a tool – good riddance! We all love having her back.

Well, that’s not exactly true.

Sean’s been an ass to Car the last few times we’ve all gotten together and I haven’t got a clue why. Wonder what’s up with that? If I didn’t know better I’d think they were hooking up but that’s just creepy. My brother and my best friend? Gross. I’m sure Mom would, LOVE it though; she’s tried to marry Sean off to every woman within a 100 mile radius. And let me tell you, the pickings in Rhyme, Connecticut are slim. Poor guy is swimming in a shallow dating pool – it ain’t pretty.

It sounds like life keeps you fairly busy; do you work outside the home?

Never harder than inside, but yes, I’m a librarian. Sexy, right? My boss, Dolores is a cardigan and pearl-clutching stickler for rules and regulations – a late-fee sadist, overdue fines get her hot. Last week someone slipped a DVD in the overnight drop slot two days tardy and she nearly fainted with glee- audio visual materials are double. Swear to God, I thought she was going to need an hour alone with Modern Senior Man and a refill on the estrogen pills.

What one piece of advice do you have for other women trying to balance it all?


You can’t.

I gave up worrying what other people think of me a long time ago and decided there’s no right or wrong way to live life – only your way. Sometimes that gels with the rest of the world, and sometimes you need to tell the PTO president to stick her bake sale in a body cavity and focus on family; family comes first, always – even my crazy bunch. We may not be perfect, but we know how to laugh, and life is better with laughter.

Thanks for stopping by, Libby. Anything else to add?

Nope, and it was my pleasure! But I need to get back to my chaos – if I leave Bob in charge too long Cub Scout meetings turn into Lord of the Flies reenactments.

Libby O’Rourke has a short fuse. Her mother, Mae, carries a big match. Engulfed in the never-ending life-juggling of suburbia, Libby fails to notice Mae’s emerging dementia symptoms until a kitchen fire puts the problem on the front burner.

Proficient in the art of denial, Mae brushes the shattering diagnosis aside and sets her sights on a matchmaking crusade for her eldest son. After all, if her lucid days are numbered, Mae’s going to make damned sure he makes it down the aisle while she still recognizes the groom.

It’s going to take a razor wit and an iron stomach to handle Mae’s diagnosis. Thankfully, just like her mother Libby has both.

Enjoy an excerpt:

Libby felt the weight of the coming conversation bear down on her shoulders like a lead blanket and struggled to find the right words.

“It’s all right, Libby,” Mae said, interrupting her thoughts. “Say what you need to. We’re here for a reason. We both know it.”

Shocked by her mother’s perception, Libby stared at Mae.

The older woman’s eyes were moist but holding back. She continued. “Spit it out, honey. I won’t have a public tantrum. It’s obvious you have something important to talk to me about, and I think you’ve delayed long enough.”

Libby’s shoulders slumped. “How’d you know?”

“Well, let’s examine the facts…” Mae grinned despite the gravity of the moment. “You took me to church, plied me with brunch, and now you’re standing there biting your bottom lip raw. Daddy used to call that your tell. We always knew something was wrong if your bottom lip looked like it had a run-in with a cheese grater.”

“Huh?” Libby ran her tongue over her bottom lip. “I never noticed.”

“In your teens, we were pretty sure you were going to bite clean through it,” Mae joked. “At least your nervous habit isn’t offensive; whenever Kevin lies, he grabs his testicles. Since the day he was born that boy treated his penis like an accessory. It’s terribly inappropriate, especially at parties.”

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kathryn Elliott is a lifetime journalist with awards in political satire, human interest, and commentary. A Connecticut native, she is a happily married mother of two sons with high hopes one of them will pay for a delightful rest home.

A true believer in laughter’s healing power, Kathryn writes characters whose flaws resonate with readers long after “The End.”

ADDING LIB is her debut novel, and the first in The McGinn Series.

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  1. Sally Schmidt says:

    Funny post and excerpt – loved both!

  2. Thanks for hosting!

  3. Any tips on how to get through the dreaded writer’s block?

    • Hi Mai,
      I tend to take a break and do something that sparks creativity in another way; gardening, painting, rearranging furniture. (That one drives my husband mad!)

  4. Sounds like a funny and heartfelt read. That cover image really speaks to the mother in me.

  5. Danielle says:

    awesome sounding book!!!

  6. Rita Wray says:

    I enjoyed the character interview.

  7. momjane says:

    I really loved your interview. What a fun and fascinating reveal of your life. this book sounds really good.

  8. I appreciate that momjane! Hope you enjoy!

  9. Betty W says:

    The character interview was fabulous! Thank you so much for sharing! Terrific book tour!

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