Alien Mine by Sandra Harris

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9_20 AlienMineFinalxHiResTorn from modern day Earth and stranded on the far side of the Galaxy, Sandrea Fairbairn flees from ruthless aliens intent on exploiting her unique human physiology. Relying on the strength and valor of an alien warrior to keep her safe she discovers his touch inflames her wildest desires, but is the intense emotion smoldering in his eyes attraction or something else and will she live long enough to discover the difference?

Enjoy the excerpt:
“They’ve penetrated that far?” Graegen seemed amazed.
“So it would seem,” Mhartak replied with resigned disgust.
Their distress almost compelled her to offer comfort. She lifted a hand toward them and they turned to her. The similar, compassionate expressions in their eyes levelled a kick to her gut.
“The distance to your home is considerable,” Mhartak said.
“You can’t get me back?”
“Regrettably, no.”
Anguish pierced her heart while rage threatened to screech her rejection of fate. Her body folded and sagged to the bed, swamped by a violent flood of loss and misery.
“You will, of course, be welcome with us.” Mhartak’s soft words drifted like fragile petals into the dreadful turmoil of her emotions.
The lifeline he offered seemed all too insignificant against the tide of bitter despair burning her soul. Her throat clogged with churning emotion, she managed an abrupt nod.
“Is there anything we can do for you?” he offered.
She closed her eyes, unable to bear the pity hovering on their faces, unwilling to break down before them.
“No.” She drew her legs up and buried her face in her knees.
“Would you like the medical officer to attend you?” Graegen asked.
“No, thank you,” she muttered into her legs.
“We will leave you then,” Mhartak said.
The door closed behind them and tears of angry, frightened desolation ripped silently from her heart. She cried for her family. There would be no closure for them, no end to their mourning.
No chance to say good-bye.
She cried for herself and cried for every stolen tomorrow, lost now to her forever.
About the Author: 9_20 Author Shot1Born in the far north of Australia, yearly cyclones, floods and being cut off from civilization for weeks at a time were the norm. An outrageous imagination helped occupy Sandra’s mind.
An abiding interest in astronomy and a deep-seated need to always see the good guys win naturally influences her writing. Not satisfied with the amount of romance in science fiction novels she set out to redress the balance.
She currently lives in sunny South East Queensland, Australia, with her husband and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who doesn’t seem to realize she comes from royalty and should act in a more appropriate manner.
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