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I love reading novels that start with an extraordinary premise wherein the characters possess something we don’t consider common place amongst everyday people leading normal lives by today’s standards. Take a character with a heightened sense of intuition for example. Perhaps a certain character knows she has dependable intuition and relies on it in her own way, yet doesn’t completely understand how it works because the world around her rarely supports the theory that intuition is reliable in the first place.
I have always been fascinated in the subject of the paranormal because I have personally rubbed shoulders with seemingly strange events that are real enough to me to get my curiosity piqued and my imagination going. I am certain I am not alone and I’ll go further to say this is common among us “sensitive” people.

When I devised the premise for my novel “A Portal in Time,” I knew I wanted to write the book that would describe what I personally feel to be true: we are all intuitive; it just depends on whether or not we recognize it and go about the business of developing our abilities!

The beginnings of my novel, “A Portal in Time” came to me as my husband and I checked into an historic hotel in the coastal area of California’s Monterey Peninsula called Carmel-by-the-Sea. It’s a little Tudor village nestled among pine trees and cypress groves with a wonderful mist that hangs in the air from the crashing Pacific and it feels a little like Scotland or Ireland. As I stood looking around the hotel’s lobby, I did what I always tend to do when in a new environment: I started thinking, “What if I lived here; what if this was my house and there was an entire back story to the events that brought me here?”

I think novelists bring much of themselves to the task of writing. They fearlessly create entire realities spawned from who they are and what they know, partially revealing themselves to readers beneath the safe shroud of fiction.

In writing “A Portal in Time,” I ask readers to suspend disbelief and consider a possibility by creating characters whose story begs a question. It is my hope “A Portal in Time” hands the reader an experience that leads them to a life-enhancing answer.

12_30 APortalinTime 500x750Rich in history, mystique and foreshadow, “A Portal in Time” is an intertwined story of two linear romances that are steeped in the language and social mores of two different time periods. The words and actions of the vibrant characters fit seamlessly together and bridge the time frames like pieces of a puzzle.

That which draws two people into the arms of love is often times eerily familiar and that which resounds in the depth of our memory can sometimes spring from a portal in time.

About the Author:12_30 unnamedClaire Fullerton is an award winning essayist who has been published as a poet, short-story writer, newspaper columnist and contributing editor to numerous magazines. Her work can be found in multiple editions of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” international anthologies.

“A Portal in Time” is Claire’s first novel. She is currently at work turning her award winning essay from the 2013 San Francisco Writers Conferences’ contest into a novel entitled “Mourning Dove.”

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