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10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Autumn Stark

1. I once got into a fight about whale earrings with my ex-best friend that ultimately became the straw that broke the camel’s back (or the whale’s back as it were). I bought a pair of cutesy whale earrings that my best friend at the time thought I should give to her because she was the one who read had read Moby Dick. Yeah.

2. I once overstayed my Visa in a foreign country on accident (not really, as the person responsible for my Visa lied to me about the dates). Ironically, in attempting to fix the paperwork at the airport (at the last minute), I almost missed my flight out of said country. I was told I couldn’t come back without an official ok for one full year. Awkward.

3. I once talked a pub owner in England into showing me how to pull a Guinness after closing time with a Welshman, two Irishmen, and a Scot watching. No, this is not a scandalous scene from a novel. Just beer people. Just beer.

4. I have thrown up in 10 countries from heat exhaustion. I’m not so good with hot weather. I’m thinking about getting a Tour T-shirt with the countries listed on the back.

5. I own over a thousand books (paper and hardback). Honestly 100% true. I stopped counting at one thousand.

6. I accidentally flashed a school bus full of male students I knew while riding on the back of a scooter. They had no problem letting me know.

7. All of the men I’ve dated have been shorter than me.

8. I once almost threw up a raw squid at a nice restaurant in front of about ten people. Not my fault. Who eats raw squid anyway? I tried to explain it away as the tentacles getting stuck in my throat, but their laughter pretty much told me they weren’t buying it.

9. I can park an SUV in Taiwan and anybody who has lived or visited Taiwan knows how impressive that is!

10. I live in the place where The Walking Dead is filmed (Zombieland, too). Just saw “Daryl Dixon” (Norman Reedus is hot!) last week.

Jay Markham, a wildly popular actor and a chronic womanizer, has become bored with his life. Jay decides to take a break and goes to visit his life-long best friend and famous romance novelist, Anthony Tate. But just because Jay decides to take a break doesn’t mean his fans will let him. The fans and the paparazzi follow him to the small Washington town and, in an effort to escape a particularly dogged fan, Jay ducks into the first open door he can find.

Parker Hardisson is a fairly normal, if self-contained, woman in her, ahem, early thirties. Relatively happy with her life as a freelance translator, she gets to work out of her own home and enjoy her life as quiet and drama-free as possible. So what if she’s a teensy bit lonely? So what if there’s some part of her that wants to explore the world? Things are working out just fine. So, when a mega-movie star comes slamming into her house, she wonders if she’s finally cracked.

Parker seizes the opportunity to make the deal of a lifetime. No strings, no questions. The problem is, Jay is playing this game by his own rules.

Enjoy an excerpt:

It was possibly nine in the morning the next day before Abby barged into Parker’s house. To be fair, Abby had used her key which Jay must have given back to her, but it was as close to barging as one might get, all things considered. Parker was barely awake.

“Parker? Are you home?”

“Where else would I be?” Parker tried to sound pleasant, but at best she knew she sounded grouchy as she called out to Abby.

“I don’t know, having wild sex with Jay in Los Angeles?” Abby walked into the kitchen as Parker was focusing on pouring coffee grinds into her espresso machine. Parker graced her with a snort as an answer. “Well, you could be.”

“I don’t know what that overgrown pretty boy told you, but I am not going to Los Angeles.”

“I’ll wait till you’ve had your coffee.” Abby grabbed her own cup and patiently sat on one of the bar stools under her kitchen island. Parker tried not to remember exactly what had been done on that particular counter while also trying to remember if she’d sanitized the thing since the sex marathon had started.

“Coffee won’t change my answer.”

“Might make you more talkative though.”

“Or more able to kill without getting caught.”

“I’ll take the chance.” Abby grinned at her and Parker sighed.

About the Author:

Autumn Stark writes Romance with a sense of humor and a whole lotta steamy fun. Doesn’t mean there aren’t a few whips every now and then, but she’s a sucker for a happy ending. Autumn has been writing in one capacity or another her entire life, but Break Me is her debut novel.

Autumn Stark is the pen name for author and publisher, April Oglesbee.

All In is the second book in the All In series.

Website: http://www.autumnstarkauthor.com/about-autumn.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/autumn.stark.338


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7562617.Autumn_Stark

Buy the book aat Amazon or Barnes and Noble.


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  2. Loved your comments and can see why your stories are so much fun.

  3. I enjoyed the Ten Things, fun reading.

  4. Alishea Durham (@alishead1) says:

    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. I think it’s cute how you mention her age in the excerpt! Sounds like a cute book! Would definitely pick it up based on the excerpt!

  6. I like the excerpt. Thank you!

  7. All the men you’ve dated have been shorter than you?? Either you’re freakishly tall (smile), have not dated much, or like short dudes! LOL That is one of the more interesting author reveals I’ve read.

  8. I absolutely feel that feel of #7, I’ve got the same problem! =)

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    Thanks for the opportunity! Those must have been soooooome whale earrings.

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