www.Cupid by Annette Miller

www.Cupid by Annette Miller
A Candy Hearts Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Holiday, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (80 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Allison McCall, supervisor in the Romance and Proposal Department of Cupid Corp., firmly believes rules are meant to be followed, yet her own love life is unfulfilling.

Preston Carlyle, Allison’s former boyfriend and one of her more creative agents, believes rules should be broken occasionally to give true love a chance. Only, he’s having a hard time convincing Allison and Cupid his techniques are working.

From the disastrous paperwork and the frequency of Allison’s visits to Cupid’s office on Preston’s behalf, she fears her position and his job are in jeopardy.
But when she finds out he’s requested a transfer to the Holiday Security Agency, Allison decides to prove she cares for him…even if it means breaking a few rules.

There are many times when you really should follow the rules in life, but falling in love might not be one of them.

Preston was a well-rounded and fascinating character. There were times when his stubborn antics made me shake my head, but even his biggest flaws were there for a reason. It was fun to see how he grew and changed as a result of the things that happened to him during the course of the plot. He stayed true to his original personality while also surprising me with how intelligently he responded to everything that challenged him.

The chemistry between Allison and Preston never felt quite right to me. I liked them both quite a bit as individuals, but their personalities clashed in so many different ways that it was hard to imagine them as a couple. She was straight-laced while he was impulsive, for example. There were times when I wondered why they were ever seriously interested in each other because of how deeply set into their ways they were. The fact that it didn’t work out between them the first time around only made me think about this even more.

This was one of the most original fantasy stories I’ve read recently. Ms. Miller spent a lot of time showing the audience exactly how the Romance and Proposal Department operated. I felt like I knew the entire department inside and out by the time she’d finished describing what it looked like, how its employees were expected to behave, and what happened when people broke the rules. It was nice to have such a clear understanding of it all, especially once Preston’s job was on the line because I knew exactly what he was risking.

I’d recommend www.Cupid to anyone who is in the mood for a creative Valentine’s Day tale.

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