Wrongful Termination by Mike Farris

Wrongful Termination by Mike Farris
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full Length (191 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

Bay Muckleroy is a modern-day Diogenes, looking for an honest man. His problem lies not in the object of his search, but in the venue—he is a partner in Black West & Merriam, the largest law firm in Dallas, Texas, where honest men are scarce. Bay came up through the ranks of the firm at a time when honor and integrity did not constitute character flaws. But times have changed with the influx of lawyers the firm hired laterally from other law firms. Lawyers like Tripp Malloy, who brought with him ten million dollars’ worth of legal business and a sacrifice-truth-for-wealth attitude. Infiltrating the power structure of the firm by the threat of taking their clients and moving on if challenged, Malloy and his ilk have brought a new era to the firm, one that Bay finds distasteful.

Enter Meg Kelly—a first-year associate who blows the whistle on Malloy’s chronic overbilling of clients. What she couldn’t possibly know was that something far more sinister was lurking beneath of the surface of those bloated fee statements. Something that Tripp and the firm needed to keep hidden. When she is fired for insubordination, Meg turns to Bay, her mentor, for help. Unaware of the tempest they are about to unleash, he champions her wrongful termination lawsuit against his own firm. But when they stumble onto a truth that threatens not only Tripp Malloy, but the entire law firm, they soon find themselves both in danger of being wrongfully terminated.

Meg Kelly is an associate lawyer in the firm of Black West & Merriam, the largest law firm in Dallas, Texas, and she has been assigned to work with two of the partners, Tripp Malloy and Bay Muckleroy. Her work exceeds all expectations, and her career as a lawyer is taking off. However, when she discovers that Tripp is billing for hours he never worked, she turns to Bay for guidance. The minute Tripp finds out about her investigation, he starts a smear campaign against her, resulting in her forced resignation. Bay supports her decision to sue for wrongful termination, but soon both of them realize that there is a lot more at stake than just overbilling. Bullets start flying as the action heats up.

The plot is intricate and complex. There are a lot of subplots within the story which help build the tensions. Very quickly this novel becomes one that can’t be put down. Dangers lurk around each and every corner, and the suspense becomes intense.

Bay is a sympathetic character. He is an excellent lawyer in the very best sense of the word. He has his own issues from his past, and that has made him a bit of a loner. He used to have more friends at the firm, but gradually, as the character of the lawyers working at Black West & Merriam has changed, he’s become more isolated. He is brave and willing to take chances to uncover the firm’s secrets, but he certainly gets a lot more than he’s bargaining for.

Meg’s character is also well developed and she is determined to do what is right, no matter how much mud gets slung at her. When the action heats up and she is in real danger, she still holds her ground, determined to see Tripp held accountable.

Mystery lovers are sure to enjoy Wrongful Termination. I was hooked from the opening pages and never disappointed.

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