Wolf Wanted by Marie Harte

Wolf Wanted by Marie Harte
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (96 pgs)
Other: M/M, Multiple Partners
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Mistletoe

Only a sacrifice can break his curse, and only the love of a maddening werewolf can satisfy his heart.Trying to avoid an arranged marriage is easier said than done. But Anson seems to have accomplished the impossible. Now if he can put off fighting his twin to the death, he can avoid becoming alpha of his clan as well. The Wolf in the Forest hears and grants his unspoken wish, because one minute Anson s in Alaska with his clan, and the next he s in southern Germany surrounded by athmae lust demons. One particular demon takes an interest in Anson, a very personal interest. Anson isn t attracted to men, but around Liam, he can think of nothing but getting to know the demon in every way possible.Liam cast a spell for a wolf, and Anson exceeds his expectations. He s golden, he s sexy, and he s a werewolf a unique being in the world of shifters. After a hundred years of cursed living, Liam has a chance to finally break free from the spell holding his inner wolf at bay and embrace both his wolf and demon heritage. He never planned on falling in love with Anson, or of taking the maddening werewolf to mate. But his plans for a happily-ever-after come to a screeching halt when the evil sorceress who cursed him returns. She refuses to take no for an answer, and then she sets her sights on Anson

Love can come to you when you least expect it to. Liam and Anson learn this the hard way. When Anson learns that he may be the answer to Liam’s problem, he must decide if he will help him. There is an instant attraction between the two but Anson has never been attracted to men. Yet something in Liam calls to him. Far from his pack and with creatures that were thought to exist only in stories, Anson must find his way and figure out where he belongs. Will he be the one to help Liam? Can Anson find what he needs with Liam and his guards?

Anson and Liam’s story is a wonderful read. Their story moves at a nice pace and has some great characters that are full of emotions. I enjoyed meeting Liam and his guards. They have a good relationship and I enjoyed the banter and camaraderie between them all. When they included Anson it made it even better. The trust and love is evident in all of the men and it shines through brightly. Anson is a good man. He is strong and has a big heart with room for so many in it. Watching the relationship build between Anson and Liam made for a nice read. Anson learns to trust his heart to find his true happiness. Liam and Anson work well together as they work through everything. Magic and sex fill their world and their story moves along quickly and is full of well rounded characters. The author builds a magical world that pulled me in right from the start and should not be missed. I am excited to return to this world to see what will happen next.

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