With This Heart by Red L. Jameson

With This Heart by Red L. Jameson
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Full (255 pgs)
Heat Level: Hot
Rated: 4 stars
Review by Poppy

Talk about a killer kiss…

Being a former soldier with PTSD takes its toll on Aaron and has wiped him clean of optimism along with having dreams. But he’s no longer sure if he’s living in reality or fantasy after he tries to save a friend and finds his world filled with women who have wings and…Valkyries.

Adala kills. Not on purpose. She’s a Valkyrie—from just one touch, she takes warriors to the afterlife. Oh, but she’d give anything for a break, for normalcy, to have one day of not wearing her legionnaire uniform. When she’s asked to talk to the human Aaron to help him understand just what he’s in for when he tripped into her world, she jumps at the chance, even though she knows Aaron more than she cares to admit, even though she has an insane crush on him, even though she can’t touch him at all. But she gets to wear jeans and talk to a man—a real-life, hero of a man.

From her adorable made-up swearwords to when she wears his clothes, from the fact that she’s hundreds of years old to her pet Pegasus, Aaron falls hard for the shy Valkyrie. Dare he risk his life for a kiss? He’s thinking about it, because already he’s given her his heart.
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With This Heart is a standalone story, that’s part of the With These Wings Series—books that mix rock-hard military men with feathered-fantasy femme fatales for a sizzling hot adventure to find love. Join Chanticleer winner, Red L. Jameson, for more of this heart-tugging fairy tale series.

I’ve read a lot of paranormal romance, but have to admit the characters in this one were new for me in the genre: Disir’ and Valkyrie… really? It was refreshing, honestly, to move away from the norm. Throw in a Pegasus, and this reader was tickled pink.

Soldiers with PTSD is not as unique, but I appreciated the “guardian angel” angle here. Also, while the book stands alone here, it was obvious from chapter one (when we meet the Disir’) that there was a story prior to this one. It didn’t inhibit my understanding of things from the story, but I did feel a little frustration in knowing that my experience in reading this book might have been richer if I’d read book one.

That said, Adala in particular was adorable. When Aaron uses the term “Wonder Woman” to describe her before he actually meets her, it stuck in my head and that’s who I pictured in the role. The two women shared some traits, but I’d say Adala was a little less naïve. And she gave a sweetness and lightness to what could have been a much darker story and I was a big fan of her swears. :: grin :: . She might have been my favorite character in the story, though her other paranormal pals were up there as well.

Aaron was tougher. Authentically written, he’s a man’s man, complete with rough language and is very much a man of action. His frustration at his PTSD is palpable. He wants to be the man he was, and he’s struggling so hard to get past it.

And the romance conflict is perfect: with one touch, Adala escorts warriors to the afterlife. Her touch kills. With a man as physical as Aaron, not being able to touch the person he loves is enough to drive him a little crazy. Don’t worry, they figure it out… this book includes some scorching hot sex scenes.

I do wish that this wasn’t quite so “love at first sight” … I mean, they’d sort of known each other for some time, indirectly, but I would have liked to seen them do the actually falling. It’s the best part of a romance for me. Even so, I did completely enjoy watching the two of them come together as a cohesive couple. To find areas of compatibility in and out of the bedroom. Adala helped Aaron in so many ways, and it touched my heart to see the man she helped him become.

If you’re looking for a hot, fun and unique paranormal romance to add to your TBR list, you should consider this one. Only, maybe add book one as well. If this book is anything to go on, you’ll be entertained for quite some time.


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