Winter’s Wonder: Pine Point by Allie Boniface

Winter’s Wonder by Allie Boniface
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (103 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Honeysuckle

When a bad boy falls for an angel, the sparks could set the coldest season on fire.

Pine Point, Book 2

Pine Point hasn’t changed much in the eight years Zane Andrews has been away. But Zane sure has. These days, this reformed bad boy has no problem resisting the bored housewives who flirt shamelessly with their gated community’s security guard.

The only thorn in his side is the stray dog that keeps overturning the neighborhood’s garbage cans, and the cute, crusading do-gooder who barks at him for trying to chase it off.

Becca Ericksen knows Zane is just doing his job, but his tactics are making her job—to rescue strays and bring them to Pine Point Paws—much harder. Clearly, they have nothing in common, yet when the legendary playboy asks her out, she finds herself saying yes.

With a sizzling kiss, something warm and unexpected begins to grow between them. Opposites can attract, but is attraction enough?

Becca has a way of collecting strays and not just the four legged variety.

Actually, Zane Andrews came home on his own so he’s not so much a stray as rescue. He’s just now realizing that what she’s rescued him from is a life without love, real honest love.

There’s so much to enjoy about this novella. The characters are easy to relate to and I just love a small town, bad boy comes home kind of story. Sure it’s a trope that’s been done but it’s one that draws me every time like a bee to honey. Having said that, it has to be done correctly. The characters have to have chemistry and real motivation. Simply putting them in a small town setting and calling him a “bad boy” won’t do it.

Zane and Becca have some high school history together even if they never ran with the same crowd in high school. I liked that she didn’t hold what she remembered about him as a teen over his head as an adult. She gave him a chance and she’s the perfect personality type who would see that he deserved a second chance.

These two have chemistry and I thought it was humorous that it’s actually Becca who has more trouble not climbing him like a tree. Don’t get me wrong, Zane wants her. Bad! But he also respects her and seems to have genuinely matured in the eight years he was away from Pine Point.

Interestingly enough, the main secondary character in this book never speaks, well never speaks in a human voice. He’s a dog that starts out as a thorn in Zane’s side but comes to represent something else altogether. It was fantastic to watch the development.

The story almost seems like the relationship is going to be sealed tight well before the end but there’s a reoccurring problem that has to be addressed. I could see both sides of the issue and that’s a good thing. I don’t like when author’s make an obvious two way street into a one way or the highway solution.

This was a fun read and an author I’d like to revisit since she loves the small town setting like I do. Her characters were nicely developed without information dumps and the love story hits all the right notes. I’d love to see Becca and Zane in a future installment to the Pine Point series. They’re headed for a really sweet and sexy HEA.

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