Winning His Man by Angelique Voisen

Winning His Man by Angelique Voisen
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (71 pages)
Other: M/M, Anal Play, Toys
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Taking care of his younger brother had been werewolf Steve Doyle’s number one priority for most of his life. Now that his brother’s mated, Steve doesn’t know where he fits in the River West wolf pack. He’s average and mediocre. The last thing he expects is to catch the interest of Leon Mercer, the gorgeous pack beta. Steve doesn’t believe they have anything in common, that once Leon gets his fill of him, Leon will move on to someone else. After all, Steve knows he’s not mate material and when it comes to love, he’s always second choice.

Scarred by his mother’s suicide, Leon doesn’t believe in mates until he spots Steve in a wedding. One drunken kiss leads to a tumble in bed, then several. Leon wants to claim Steve for his own, even if convincing Steve means fighting off old demons from the past who threaten to destroy what they’d found.

Steve had always known exactly what his job was – to protect his little brother, Tommy. But with Tommy now happily mated and married Steve feels at a loss. How will he fit into their new pack? What would he do with himself? Leon, the pack’s Beta knows from the moment he meets Steve that the two of them are mates. Convincing Steve, however, might be more difficult than he’d planned on.

I enjoyed this story and found it a slightly different take on the usual “wolf meets wolf and they fall into insta-love” tale. Far from falling at Leon’s feet, Steve quite strongly resists the notion that the two are destined mates, and I really enjoyed the novelty in that. My only real disappointment was in how low Steve’s self-confidence was and some of the reasons behind it. I understand this was part of his character and experiences, but it was difficult for me to read just how little Steve thought of himself and how he doubted anything good could possibly happen to him. It took an awful lot of effort on Leon’s part to help bolster Steve even just a bit and while this was fantastic for the plot and character development, it really made my heart bleed for Steve. It made this otherwise fun and sexy story difficult for me to read.

The sex between Steve and Leon was hot and spicily written. Even though their connection and consummation happens quite quickly I liked the emotional bond the two men shared and how it deepened between them as they came to understand each other better. I thought some of the plot (Steve’s ex boyfriend) was a little clichéd, but it did add a fair bit of conflict and drama to the story. The various characters and the pack dynamics was really the highlight of this story for me. I feel the author did a great job of showing a number of different characters and giving them all life, making them individuals and not just cookie-cutter people. I was particularly invested in Steve and Leon, both together as a couple and as individuals.

An interesting and emotional story I found this to be a good paranormal romance.

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