Wind by K.J. Taylor

Wind by K.J. Taylor
Drachengott Book One
Publisher: Impulse – Harper Collins Publishers
Genre: Historical, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (411 pages)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Rutger has always been a bit different. Wanting more than his current provincial life holds, he practices swordfighting, ensuring he’s ready for … he’s not quite sure what. Until he meets Swanhild, an enigmatic young woman who knows exactly what she’s training for – war. The two meet every day in the forest to practice magic and Rutger feels like he finally belongs somewhere. But Swanhild is hiding something. Will Rugter find out her secret before it’s too late? Or will the battle they’ve been waiting for render secrets irrelevant

Drachengott, monster size dragon, master of all and giver of powers.

Syn, a female dragon called into being by the human servants of Drachengott, is considered a traitor by her own kind. She seeks out the only one who has the power to destroy Drachegott and set her free. Her problem is whether this man will help the dragon who killed his brother.

Rutger falls in love with Swanhild, a stranger he finds in the nearby forest. Swanhild teaches him magic and they set out to protect the world from the dragons and dragon helpers.

This is a well written story which draws an image of dragons controlling the world with only small pockets of human rebels who try to survive without technology or dragon magic. Defense weapons are crossbows and swords which are useless against the scale protected dragons. The hint of what the future holds for Rutger and Swanhild is shrouded in mystery, enough to make me read on to find out whether my thoughts were right, or the author had developed a clever plot twist.

Everyday events such as earning money for food and lodging came across as interesting and believable and helped the story forward. Sometimes a plot can forget that the characters have to do normal things to survive and this can spoil the flow of the story. This is not one of those books. Everything flows along very nicely.

Wind provided me with shiver down the spine moments, soft romantic scenes, smiles as other characters were duped by Rutger and Swanhild and all the time there was the question, will they or won’t they? All in all a good read especially as I love dragons.

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