Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter by Asha King


Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter by Asha King
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday
Length: Short Story (50 Pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed By Fuchsia

Six months after the events of Wild Horses, blogger Danyiah Jackson happily lives in the country, loving—and often shocking—her broodtastic horse wrangler boyfriend, Adam Cooper.

But her surprise Christmas present for him, done as a prank for her blog and to spring some life-changing news, incites an argument months in the making, bringing the insecurities and vulnerabilities of the pair to the forefront. Adam wants more than he fears she’s willing to give, and Dani has a secret of her own that she fears will tear everything apart.

Is a happily-ever-after really possible for an opposites-attract romance?

Danyiah is head over heels in love with Adam, and this Christmas she wants to give him a special surprise gift and tell him about two secrets she’s been keeping from him. Danyiah is not sure how he will take the revelation but she knows that since they love one another all will be fine.

Adam is a laid back kind of guy and is trying to accept the fact that the woman he loves enjoys blogging about their personal lives. He just wants some things to be private but he loves Danyiah and does not want to crush her creative spirit.

This short story was a nice follow up to the original book, Wild Horses. The characters are still as engaging as ever however the story for this reader wasn’t as fulfilling or entertaining as the original. This book cannot be read as a standalone because it is a continuation; you have to read the original book in order to understand some of the references given in this one. The chemistry between the characters was lacking maybe because the author was trying to show the distance that had developed between them. However, the author still showed Danyiah lighthearted and humorous personality and Adam, Danyiah’s love interest was still as devoted to her as ever, even though you saw how frustrated he was with her.

Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter is a pleasant story, and it was nice to revisit these characters to catch up with them. I just thought that the story needed something more, maybe more pages to flesh it out.  Asha King is an entertaining writer; I have read other books by her and have enjoyed them, and I look forward to reading more of her work. If you have already enjoyed the first Wild Horses, I would suggest that you pick up Wild Horses: Cold, Cold Winter and see for yourself, if anything you get to read about Adam and Danyiah again.

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