Wickedly Good by Anya Breton


Wickedly Good by Anya Breton
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (139 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

It’s wrong. Wicked. As coven priest, Aston should know better. But he can’t help his feelings for Gemma. Too bad she likes his brother Drew—his no-good, cheating, engaged brother, who takes what he wants regardless of who gets hurt. Aston intends to warn Gemma, but when he steps into his brother’s room and the lights go out, and she presses herself against him…

Air witch Gemma has lusted after Drew for years. When she gets her chance to spend a steamy night with him, she takes it. As he makes love to her in the darkness, as he makes her come again and again, she can’t help but think he’s different somehow—taller, more thoughtful. And that facial hair that abrades her skin in some seriously naughty places…how did he grow that so fast?

By day, Aston seems dark and frightening. By night, he rocks Gemma’s world. If he could only convince her to see the truth—he may not be his brother, but he loves her more than Drew ever could.

Gemma has finally returned home after an extended visit to England. The young air witch may have left a chubby carrot top but she returns a stunning temptress. The sexy witch is ecstatic when she catches the eye of her childhood crush, Drew. Never mind that the he is engaged to another woman. Gemma plans to seduce him anyway.

Aston is a powerful coven priest who’s on the verge of the biggest promotion in his political career. He’ll do anything to make sure that his younger brother’s marriage, sealing an important alliance, takes place. After his plan to bribe Gemma fails, Aston takes his brother’s place when the witchy seductress sneaks into Drew’s bedroom for some planned sex-capades. Gemma mistakes Aston for Drew and the heat is on. Now, maybe the dude should have fought her off when she jumped his bones….but since when does a man pass up some free smexy? Aston does feel guilty after their mind blowing sex ….but still sets up a rendezvous for the next night where he once again impersonates his little brother.

Now, I might have seen his actions as a betrayal if Gemma hadn’t deserved exactly what she got. After all, she did plan to have sex with a man that was already taken. This was the point where I thought: “She must know which brother she’s having all that hot sex with”. The two guys looked nothing alike, with Aston having a goatee while his brother was baby faced, for gods sakes. The real trick was for Aston to convince Gemma that she knew all along.

This was a short book but the quality of writing was excellent and the story flowed nicely. The characters were vibrant and the chemistry between Aston and Gemma was high voltage. This book was well worth the reading and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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