Whispers on the Wind by Judy Gill

Whispers on the Wind by Judy Gill
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Futuristic, Romance, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Moonflower

“Come,” he says, and she does.

Lenore’s a sensible accountant who has never had an erotic dream in her life. But she’s also never had to deal with a dream-lover like Jon. His touch feels so real she’s bereft when she awakens to find he is not there. His words, his promises, whispered in her sleeping mind tempt her and when he calls, demanding her presence in the most unlikely place she can imagine, she goes to him.

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Usually when you hear voices in your mind, it’s a sign of impending madness or a load of stress. For Lenore, she is convinced it could be both!

I found the start of this book to be very confusing. The point of view changed from Lenore, to Jon, to Zeena, to Minton, and back again with no indication of who was ‘speaking’. As well as Lenore, other people are being called too and you have no idea why. Add to that, that this is set in futuristic Earth with beings from another planet/dimension/time zone and maybe you can understand my confusion.

The relationship between Lenore and Jon was mostly physical. I didn’t really feel any other connection between them. The relationships between the others of the Octad were jumbled as I hadn’t had time to get to know them so I had no idea about their capabilities etc.

I found some things in the book to be way too easy and others to be unnecessarily hard. That being said, once I got my head wrapped around the fact it was a futuristic romance, then I began to enjoy the story more. There were no big surprises but an easy flowing story that eventually held my attention.

It’s not an easy story, but it’s a good one and recommended.

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