Which Exit Angel by Chris Redding

Cover_Which Exit Angel
Which Exit Angel by Chris Redding
Publisher: Self
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short (72 pgs)
Heat: Sweet
Rated: 3.5 Stars
Review by Poppy

Angela Sky isn’t an angel without her wings. Sunny Beach is a minister questioning his faith. What chance does the world have to survive if these two have to join together and stop the Apocalypse?

Ms. Redding gives us a unique premise on angels and heaven in this story. Angels are all too human (in fact, we meet one who’s no longer an angel), can be killed if they’re in a corporeal body and suffer the afflictions of the human race, from love to anger to hate.

Angela Sky is an angel on Earth investigating murders of other angels. The first is found by the minister, Sandy Beach and the next body is found in his church. He’s clearly involved in some way, so Angela sticks tight to his side and tries to ignore the feelings that start to develop. After all, she has an angel boyfriend in heaven.

I was intrigued by this concept and read eagerly to find out more. Ms. Redding has a vivid imagination and winds plot points around other plot points, introducing characters who are clearly defined. The narrative is very dialogue heavy, though, and exceptionally speedy. I understand this is a short story, and sometimes it can be difficult to not sacrifice content for brevity, but I really loved the idea behind this story and think it would have been tremendous had it just been a bit longer. I never quite felt the draw between Sandy and Angela, and wanted to see that build more. And the ending where they must fight to avert the apocalypse zoomed past.

Still, this was an enjoyable read and perhaps my discontent reflects how much I was invested in the plot and characters. I’m impressed by the breadth of Ms. Redding’s ideas and look forward to seeing what she comes up with next.


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  2. Mary Preston says:

    If you would Angel in the title I know I’m going to read and enjoy.


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    I think this is unusual but exciting. I love to read about angels.

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