What Happened to Anna? by Jennifer Robins

What Happened to Anna? by Jennifer Robins
Publisher: Astraea Press
Genre: Contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (229 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Some try to protect those they love…even after death.

Upon moving into a restored turn-of-the-century house, Andrea and John discover they aren’t the only occupants. Not only is their new home haunted by the ghost of a woman, but a demon from another dimension who wants to seduce the new female owner.

After Andrea finds a photo of Anna—their resident ghost—she begins to relive Anna’s life through dreams and waking visions, falling prey to the handsome demon lover who, it seems, will do anything and everything to stop her from answering one burning question:

What happened to Anna?

Content warning: seductively handsome demons, hauntingly beautiful ghosts, and just the right amount of scares.

This book is contemporary and historical as the present day Andrea Devon gets flashbacks to the life of the ghost in her house, Anna.

Andrea and her husband John’s dreams come true when they move to a small town and buy a wonderful old house. Weird things begin to happen and Andrea investigates the past to find out what happened to the original owner of the house.

I enjoyed reading this book and trying to solve the mystery. I urged Andrea not to be taken in by her dreams, I wanted her to stand up to her husband, and most of all to let her own self shine through. In the beginning I found her to be a reasonably strong woman, but as the story progressed I became more and more irritated by her husband who seemed to be domineering and always wanted his own way.

Andrea seemed to let things slide as she became more caught up in her dreams and research. Fair enough John had a right to get irritable, but I thought he was more worried about how Andrea’s moods affected him, rather than what was making her so unhappy and moody. One more negative I found in the final few pages. I’m not going to put in a spoiler, but I would have preferred a different ending as the story seemed to finish up in the air.

Nevertheless these were minor irritations to be pushed to one side as the main story evolved around Andrea. She became a very real person to me and as mentioned above I was cheering her on all the way, or urging her not to take another step in a particular direction. I have to admit I did guess some of the outcome, but my guess could just as easily have been wrong so I had to read on to find out the truth. I love the way Andrea manipulated those around her when she really wanted something. A lovely main character, with the story fitting round her like a glove.


  1. This book sounds amazing.

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