Waterdance by Anne Logston

Waterdance by Anne Logston
Publisher: Mundania Press
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full Length (195 Pages)
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

It’s no wonder that Peri should possess some of the magical talent that her mother, the High Lady Kayli, is known for.

However, the young and impetuous Peri is determined to prove that her swordsmanship, not her magic, is her true calling.

But when she single-handedly rescues a prisoner from a Sarkond warrior’s camp, she finds herself the liberator of a dreaded Sarkond heretic.

Now they must depend on each other in order to survive. And face the prophecy they are destined to fulfill — together…

What is destiny and can you fight it? Peri thought her life was going just the way she wanted it to until she is sent off to her aunt’s to study magic. She doesn’t care about her very weak magical powers. She wants to be a warrior and prove herself with her swordsmanship. But everything she tries to do in order to follow her own true path seems to go awry. Is an ancient prophesy really forcing her into a destiny she doesn’t want?

Waterdance is a complex and fast-moving adventure with surprises on every page. I literally couldn’t put the book down. Peri captivated me from the very first paragraph, and then once she tries single-handedly to rescue a prisoner from a Sarkond warrior camp, I rode with her willingly along a very adventurous path. Anne Logston is very skilled at developing her characters and both Peri and Atheris, the Sarkond heretic she rescues, are real and alive. The two of them grow in many ways as they are forced to learn about each other as more than just traditional enemies. They have to work together, each needing the other, in order to stay alive. And each of them has secrets but in spite of those, they manage to develop a working relationship.

The setting is described richly and precisely so that when I was creeping along back alleys with Peri, I really felt as if I were right there, smelling the smells and feeling the “feeders” reaching for me. The pacing is excellent and the pages just flew by as I raced from one adventure to another. Peri and Atheris also come from very different cultures with totally different belief systems and they soon run into the question of whether or not they have to fulfill a certain destiny. I found the discussions around this to be extremely thought provoking.

Waterdance is the second in a series, but it stands alone just fine. I am glad that I read Firewalk first, because I do like to read a good series in order and this is an excellent series. But Peri wasn’t even born when the earlier novel took place and the plot and characters are totally new. Lovers of fantasy are sure to enjoy Waterdance and indeed, the entire series and I hope the next book comes out quickly.

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