Waking Dream by Viola Grace

Waking Dream by Viola Grace
Tales of the Citadel 23
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Short Story (89 pages)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

Out of her body and lost in space, Wiyra finds solace and help in the form of a tracker who has his own designs on her physical self.

Wiyra is an astral investigator. She can leave her body and search any specific point in space that she wishes. She merely has to know its location before she leaves herself. A problem arises when she leaves to examine some mineral deposits and returns to the place her body should be, only to find it missing.

Her entire home is missing. Her cousins, grandfather and brothers are all gone with no trace. There is only one person she can turn to, and while it makes her grit her astral teeth, she heads to Citadel Reevish.

Master Tracker Burin is woken from a sound sleep by an astral hand in his head, and while he is startled, delight soon follows. Wiyra has come to him for help and the Citadel does nothing for free. He has her right where he wants her…as soon as he finds her.

Wiyra Kwinto has an unusual gift, her astral form can float out of her body to other places. This is a big help to her family’s mineral mining company as she can search possible sites without the need for them to go there physically. Great ability until she returns to where she left the family after one such foray. No ship! No body!

Wiyra can only sense her body over a certain distance but her essence fades the longer she is away from it. Enter Master Tracker Burin who can sense her astral body. She enlists his help to find her family and hopefully her body. Burin even allows her into his body to replenish her energy.

An unusual book with a feisty heroine and a hero who looks at things with a sense of humor. Romance filters its way into the story but in no way takes over from the science fiction quality. The Kwintos are a humorous bunch of spacefarers and the mixture of races and the family legend regarding marriage make things even more comical.

Definitely a story with a difference and a very enjoyable read. Light hearted with unexpected twists. Ms Grace puts us immediately into Wiyra’s life and keeps us there throughout the story.

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