Victoria and the Alien Doctor by Jessica Coulter Smith

Victoria and the Alien Doctor by Jessica Coulter Smith
Intergalactic Brides 2
Publisher: Changeling Press, LLC
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (84 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Doctor. Hero. Alien.

Time is running out. Victoria Mathers has tried everything. Her daughter has a rare cancer that hasn’t responded to any of the treatments human medicine has to offer. If she can’t convince the sexy alien doctor to help her, she knows she’ll watch her child die. Victoria will do anything to save her daughter, even if it means bonding with an alien for the rest of her life.

Per Earth’s rules, Xonos isn’t allowed to treat humans, unless they’re one of the new human-alien pairs. However, looking at the small human child who is obviously suffering tears at his heart. It’s been his life’s work to save people, and he isn’t sure he can stand by and watch an innocent child die when he might be able to help.

What starts as a simple arrangement quickly turns into something more as Xonos and Victoria grow closer. It isn’t long before she realizes that she yearns for his touch and she wants so much more from him than he may be willing to give. Love was never mentioned when they struck their bargain, but now she’ll settle for nothing less.

This is a melt-your-heart kind of story because the impetus for the plot is a mother’s passionate pursuit of trying to find a cure for her little girl. The author invested a lot of time into showing a reader just how precious and special the heroine’s daughter, Evie, is. It presented the perfect platform for two total strangers coming together to form a family. The depth of emotions between mother and child was well documented and well written.

That being the case, it’s not a huge surprise that the alien doctor, Xonos sees that past the pain of a desperate woman and instead realizes that the person he has before him is a woman of strength, courage and who possesses a deep capacity for love. But, can she love an alien? That is the question.

I really enjoyed this short story because it touched my emotions and made me feel. Granted, Xonos was almost too perfect in what he was willing to do and what he did do for the two new females in his life. Every obstacle was steamrolled over and in a way, the hero came off as an alien knight in shining armor – the conquering hero who doesn’t use a sword but a stethoscope and science to save the day. Once I realized that, I just relaxed and allowed myself to be entertained by a book that embodies the best of romance. The focus is on the people – their trials, their sacrifices, their hopes and dreams and the hope of a better tomorrow. It all works.

My favorite part is when Victoria sort of had to teach Xonos how to do a few things. I found that really sexy and a turn-on. She might have started off blushing but ended up screaming with delight. More than once. For a change, I was really happy when the hero and heroine burnt up the sheets. It wasn’t all thrusting lust, but fireworks of love.

Victoria and the Alien Doctor was incredibly romantic. It’s a story that makes a reader feel good. If you are having a rough day and need a break from stress and the frenetic demands of life, then this is a sweet book to take a short break with. I’m happy I read it.

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