Untraceable by Beth D. Carter

Untraceable by Beth D. Carter
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (51 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Mae Sawyer has a huge crush on her boss, JD Harlan, but he doesn’t even know she exists. She blends into the background of her data entry job, living for glimpses of him walking through the office. Then one night, everything changes. While working late, she’s caught up in a plot to kidnap him … and gets taken as well.

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Mae had been deeply attracted to her boss, JD since her first day on the job. Happy to frequently volunteer to do extra work, Mae stays back late one night in the office. When both she and JD are abducted they’re thrown into a crazy situation and will need to work together to try and escape with their lives.

While I found both Mae and JD’s characters interesting and realistic, the situation they find themselves in was startling and felt somewhat unbelievable. I was a little surprised that they both – Mae in particular – didn’t appear to be overly worried or fearful about their situation. While I can understand people react differently to danger and stress, it made the surreal feeling only stronger when neither of them freaked out very much. I found it strange and jarring to my belief in their story, considering the fact they’d been kidnapped by balaclava-clad men with stun guns and locked in an underground bunker.

Aside from this aspect to the plot, I otherwise found Mae and JD’s characters to be interesting and interact together really well. Mae struck me as a modern, sassy and intelligent woman that I could relate to and JD had a delicious edge of mystery and intrigue that hovered around him from the first few pages. This really helped keep my attention and with the short length of the story I eagerly turned the pages to discover what happened next.

The sex between Mae and JD was hot and felt relatable to. I thought this particular aspect to the story was well paced – fast enough to not feel like an add-on to the end of the story, but not right at the start of their kidnapping which would have felt fake to me. I also enjoyed how Mae and JD had plenty of (admittedly enforced) time together to get to know each other a bit. This helped make their growing relationship feel understandable and to a degree relatable.

Slightly over the top, this fast-paced short story was both interesting and sexy. I feel readers willing to disconnect their brains and just sit back and enjoy the ride should enjoy this and particularly feel a good connection to the two main characters.

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