Unleashing the Animal by J.L. Taft

Unleashing the Animal by J.L. Taft
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Paranormal, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (81 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Blair gets the shock of her life when she finds out the big black wolf stalking her cabin and her sexy, rude neighbor are one and the same. He awakens her animal passions like no man before and satisfies her every carnal desire. Luckily he’s there to help when she unexpectedly discovers that she, too, is a shapeshifter.

Shane is tired of waiting for the mate he’s sure is out there. Helping his hot neighbor learn how to deal with her newfound Shifter form, he can’t wait to see how her inner animal emerges. And when it does, his own inner wolf drives his lust, demanding he claim her body and heart for his own.

Unleashing the Animal is an interesting shifter romance with an important and unique twist that sets it apart from the usual story of this nature. I found that I liked that as I’ve grown tired of the same old plots and it takes something shiny to catch my wandering interest. This book caught my fancy and it had no problem holding it.

It is explained that this shifter world is a bit different than the ones I’ve grown used to. Here, shifters are a rare breed.They don’t get that feeling about their mates with that first scent. They have to meet them in their animal form to recognize them. Heck, they might not even know it’s a shifter at first. So this is definitely some new ground and some different plays.

Blair is a loner who is oblivious to the world of shape-shifters. She don’t know she is one cause she don’t even know they exist. She seems to have some anxiety problems so she’s moved to the mountains to find herself. What she finds is an inquisitive black wolf and a surly neighbor. Shane is a lone wolf. He’s a little grumpy and tired of waiting for his mate to come along. Things don’t go so good at their first meeting, and I felt like smacking Shane for being so darn rude to Blair. She tries to warn the dude about a hungry wolf….and he tries to bite her head off. Sheesh. Talk about a rough start. The writer obviously knew how to get my attention…by making me disgusted with the hero. It works every time.

All the technical markers are there. The lust…off the richter scale chemistry…the closeness. It’s all there and I loved that part. What I did not like was how Shane reacted when he gets disappointed at Blair’s animal. He was sulking again so he hurt her and that wasn’t cool. Again, the writer knew what she was doing. Had me going there for a while. I was just about to hunt that wolf down when he came back and owned his mistake. Blair should’ve made him grovel some more…but it’s all good. The stuff I love to read.

There was lots of lust, so the sex was hot. Not too graphic but it kept the fire burning. I could have gone for more details though.

I also would’ve enjoyed exploring more about Blair’s relationship with her mother. I get that it was distant cause that was explained. But did her mother know something about her talent ? Was that the reason for those happy pills ? Or were these shifter anomalies ? I’m just saying that I would have liked to know these things. Because I’m inquisitive…like a wolf. Ha Ha !!! However, seeing that the writer never explained I will probably never know. Unless this book proves to be part of a series like I’m hoping it will be. Then I guess I’ll find out the answers to all my questions….Which is really just  a way of saying that I really enjoyed this book enough to want some more.


  1. Hot hot hot I love werewolves

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