Unexpected Angel by N. J. Walters

Unexpected Angel by N. J. Walters
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Paranormal, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (105 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Reviewed by Dryas

Angelina Astoferus is on the run from her uncle, who wants to marry her off as part of a business deal. Her only hope is to find a spaceship to escape on—and a man willing to take her virginity, since her being pure is part of the deal. A desperate escape attempt leads her to the loading docks of the planet Oasis, where she spies Amos. Captivated by him, when the opportunity to sneak on board his ship arises, she takes it.

When Amos Marks discovers a stowaway on his ship, he knows she is big trouble. He and his brothers don’t need two dangerous enemies—her powerful uncle and the jilted warrior from Gravas—but Amos can’t turn his back on her. He decides to help her with her outlandish plan, but neither of them expects that the physical connection between them will lead to so much more.

What would you do if you were engaged to an alien that you didn’t know anything about, except for the fact that their women have to be a virgin. This is what happened to Angelina Astoferus. She was desperate to get away from her scheming uncle and avoid a marriage that she does not want She refuses to be a pawn for her uncle, especially since she has proof that he is going to double cross her fiancee’s people.

She decides to stowaway on the Abigail because the man she saw seemed nice.
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Amos Marks is the engineer for the Abigail. The ship is owned by himself and his brothers: Flynn, Kal, and Garth. She is a trading ship but they also do some mercenary work, although they do their research to make certain that the person deserves to be taken out.

This is a very sweet novel with wonderful love scenes. The tenderness made me melt but there is also quite a bit of lust involved to. Angelina is a strong character with a past that would have broken most people. She took her destiny in her own hands, stowing away on a random ship to get away from her controlling uncle. Her entire existence had been forced to live in a cage, a very luxuries cage but a cage nonetheless.

Her determination to lose her virginity to any man shows her desperation to live her own life. She figured that once she lost her virginity she could get dropped off on a planet and figure out where she should go and what she should do.

Abel is a strong man with a family of tough brothers who love and cherish their younger sister. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to find out where their sister is or any information as to where she could be. That was the plan until he meets Angelina. It was funny seeing his reaction when this beautiful woman throws herself at him.

Their connection is immediate and strong. He admires her beauty but is wowed by her strength of character. Abel’s protective manner seems to be a behavior of all his brothers. Once they learned how dep his feelings went, they welcome her as part of the family the close ranks around her and were ready to do anything they could to keep her safe. Angelina is also powerful enough to help the brothers find their sister. She wants to help her new family heal.

I would have liked to see the relationship develop a little slower. Also, the talk of their sister seems to be a background plot even though it seems like it should be the major plot.

A wonderful novel full of great characters developing into one unit whose love has changed them for the better. Each character adds to the plot and character development. If you like a short, sweet novel with strong characters this is the book for you.

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