Two Dads for Christmas by Kate Richards

Two Dads for Christmas by Kate Richards
1NightStand Series
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (46 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M, Ménage, Anal Sex
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Sorrel

Lauren is in trouble. Only the adoption agency lady knows the heartbreaking decision she’s making. But every baby deserves a father and Lauren’s ex isn’t stepping up to the plate. Without a dad for her child, Lauren doesn’t feel she can give her baby what he or she deserves. When her mother sends her to the Castillo resort in Castle, Alaska to help with a holiday celebration, Lauren jumps at the chance to forget her worries.

Jorell’s career is soaring. In charge of development for the Castillo Resorts Caribbean region, the only thing on his mind is pursuing a vice presidency. Not romance. But a forced transfer to the frozen north throws him—and his prospects off-kilter.

Zachary lives near Castle, Alaska, but the fishing guide has had little success finding a social life and fears his interest in both men and women may be too wild for the wilderness.

Two men and one pregnant woman…in charge of the holiday activities at the Christmas Extravaganza at Castle Lodge. Friendship and intense attraction blooms between them. But Madame Eve has her work cut out for her…will Jorell and Zach provide enough reasons for Lauren to change her mind?

A Christmas surprise that will touch your heart…

Lauren is single and in trouble when she finds out that she is pregnant. She has to choose between bringing up her daughter alone or giving her up for adoption so that she could possibly have a better future with both a father and a mother. She gets the opportunity to help with the Christmas celebration in Castillo Lodge in Alaska which she tries to use as a way to forget her worries temporarily.

Jorrel has a successful job working for the Castillo Resorts Caribbean region. Unexpectedly, he is transferred to Alaska to oversee the development of the Christmas celebrations being held. Zachary is a fishing guide living in Alaska. He wants a family but with his interests straying to both sides he is unsuccessful in finding the right one.

When Lauren, Jorrel and Zachary meet sparks fly.

I loved how it started. It pulled my attention in right away. From the first sentences to when all three met it was very good and my expectations were high. But after they met there was a time jump and it made my attention flag. The management and organizing of the Christmas celebration was shortened. For me, I would have like to know at least how much time was skipped. Nevertheless, seeing as this is a short story I think it’s a pretty good rendition of a Christmas read with a lot of heat.

One other thing that grabbed my attention was ‘Madam Eve’ and the 1NightStand service. There was not much of an explanation who Madam Eve was or enough explanation about 1NightStand for someone like me who is new to the series. I wanted to know more. These issues aside the story in and of itself was good and worth the read.

Yes, it is a short story, but a perfect Christmas read about family, love and Christmas. All the good things in life.

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