Twice the Trouble by Sandra Dailey

Twice the Trouble by Sandra Dailey
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (242 Pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 4 Stars
Reviewed by Gardenia

Lacey Carlyle has worked for years to create the perfect blend of home, business and family. Now she risks losing everything when the land she farms is bought by the man who abandoned her thirteen years ago.

Alex has never understood why Lacey walked away from him. Now, he holds the deed to her farm and intends to make her pay. The only problem – two kids weren’t part of the plan.

Jenna and Jarrod may not see eye-to-eye but they are both determined to find happiness for their mom and keep their home safe. Can Lacey and Alex put their pasts behind them and embrace a future together?

After thirteen years, Lacey is forced to reach out to Alex. Inadvertently, he has bought the land she is leasing on which her home and business reside. As a real estate magnate, Alex is about to tear down her home and business to develop the land into ranch houses. Everything Lacey has worked so hard for is about to be taken from her leaving her destitute.

Gripping, emotional, heart wrenching … this story grabs you right away. What could be more interesting to read than a mother of twins who is fighting for the right to survive?

Lacey and Alex have a past together. He was her first and only love. After he left for the Armed Forces, Lacey was left to contend with the aftermath of their love. Shunned by Alex’s parents, Lacey was forced to depend on the only other person she had in the world – her cantankerous and opinionated grandfather.

There is also Jenna and Jerrod – the twins. They are both hardworking and protective of their mother. Being on the verge of teenage-hood, these two tornadoes make for a lively and intrepid story. As anyone who is a parent knows, this age is the beginning of the most difficult period in a young person’s life. As they assert themselves and attempt to help Lacey, these two provide for more emotional turpitude.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Although at times the plot was predictable, it still provided such enjoyment in reading that I could not help but rate this a 4 Star book. Enjoy!


  1. Gardenia – Thank you for taking the time to read Twice the Trouble and writing such a great review. As you know, these are what we writers live for.

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