Tuesday by Danni Price

Young couple, isolated on grey background 
Tuesday by Danni Price
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (52 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Evie’s life is complicated. Just getting to an important presentation at work is full of pitfalls, the largest being an ex-boyfriend who refuses to move out of her home. She’s had enough of men and her domineering boss who takes all the credit for her work. Evie’s only pleasure comes from her erotic thoughts about the sexy IT guy, Cullen.

Cullen has wanted Evie for a long time, but hearing that she had a boyfriend made her hands-off. That changes when he learns the boyfriend is now and ex. He puts a plan into motion to catch her attention, hoping that his desire for her somehow breaks through her barriers to reach her heart.

Evie has been deliciously tormented by enticing dreams by Cullen the IT guy. Sadly, her real life is far from as erotically perfect as her charged dreams taunt her. With her ex-boyfriend blackmailing her into living in her apartment rent-free and a hostile colleague at work trying to steal her job at every turn Evie is stressed out. On the day of her big presentation, however, things finally appear like they’ll take a turn for the better. A shared hot kiss and before she knows it Evie can’t deny the heat sizzling between herself and Cullen.

This is a fun short story. I really enjoyed the heat and chemistry between Evie and Cullen and found myself rooting for their hooking up and starting a relationship. I liked how Evie came across as a normal, “everywoman” style character. Hassled by her ex, stressing over rent and having clashes with co-workers and being caught in traffic, it wasn’t a stretch for me to really put myself in her place. I felt an instant kinship to her and really enjoyed seeing her and Cullen steam up the pages.

While I was a little disappointed at how predictable I found the plot, it was very strongly woven into the fabric of Evie and Cullen starting their relationship and the antagonist of Evie’s ex-boyfriend helped bring plenty of conflict and tension to the story. I found this overall to be a fast paced, interesting and highly sensual read that should appeal to many readers. Thoroughly enjoyable.

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