Trust Me by BJ Wane

Trust Me by BJ Wane
Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (114 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, F/F, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Fetish, Toys, Spanking, Voyeurism
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Thistledown

Gabe’s cousin Alec finds himself awestruck by the sensational Brooke Hastings, Gabe’s editor and friend, when he sees her at the wedding. Wanting to know her better, Alec makes sure Brooke saves him a dance. The two immediately sense a sizzling spark between them, and run off for a heart-pounding, spontaneous round of sex. Throughout the rest of the reception, the tension builds as they want more than just a quickie. Brooke spends the night with Alec, and leaves the next morning for New York.

Fast forward to a year later. Brooke finally comes back to the island, and during the year neither Alec nor Brooke can stop thinking about the other. But something happened in that year that changed Brooke, and Alec is determined to fix it as he finds himself falling for the luscious woman. Will Brooke be able to trust Alec and get over the damage that was done?

Gabe and Alec’s friend, Will, who was in the military with them, has a sordid past that he’s trying to forget. In order to move on, he starts calling Midnight Fantasies, an 800 number with tantalizing women on the other end. He gets a girl named Angel on the other end, and finds out it’s her first night as a sex-line girl. Will helps her through the call, giving her pointers on what to say, and finds her shyness and lustful voice erotic. He gets her direct line so he can make sure to talk only to her. Soon, Will finds himself falling head over heels for the sweet woman on the other end the phone. Can he convince her of his feelings for her?

If you were going to go to an island vacation hotspot in the form of a spicy novel, then this book would be your destination.

Trust Me centers around three men who run an island resort. Two of them are the central characters in this hot read. At a wedding for Kira and Gabe, Alec meets the sexy Brooke, who just happens to be Gabe’s editor. The two light up enough sparks between them for a Fourth of July picnic. When the two head off for a quickie, neither one will ever be the same again.

The other main character in this tale is Will. He meets Angel on a phone sex line and is hooked by her stammering and nervous voice. The two hit it off and soon are doing much more than talking. These two give a new meaning to the term phone sex. Both give as good as they get and the exchange of lust is equal on both ends.

The two stories intertwine and I was turning the pages of my e-reader faster than ever to find out what happens. After Brooke goes back to the mainland, she remembers the hot night she had with Alec and goes to a sex club with a guy she is dating. This has some terrible consequences and when she sees Alec again, they raise their ugly head.

Will and Angel have a unique phone relationship that blossoms into real love across the wires. When Angel has to make a choice with her work that could compromise her safety, Will gets involved. Her knight in shining armor, he saves the woman he loves from a situation that could have really hurt her and takes her off to his island paradise.

Trust Me has a unique blend of lust and characters that you can fall in love with. Each one is crafted carefully and you can really feel the emotions and sexiness ooze off the page. Hot read!

Love on the beach without sand in my shorts. That is the perfect vacation. This read was lusty and full of good times. There was a description of rape that could be a trigger for some. Other than that, the wild parties and hot group sex was right up there and smokin hot the whole way through. BJ Ware knows how to turn up the heat and light my fire every time.

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