True Colors by K. R. Raye

True Colors by K. R. Raye
Publisher: J-pad Publishing
Genre: Contemporary,
Length: Full Length (395 pgs)
Heat level: Spicy
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

After tragedy strikes, Imani, Melody, and Lance try to rekindle their college friendship. Can they move forward towards happiness or will ghosts from their past haunt them?

When life’s challenges arise what are your… True Colors?

If you have followed the series you have seen Melody Wilkins, Imani Jordan and Lance Dunn grow from their college years to working adults. We last left the trio in The Color of Love with Lance married to Heather and Imani walking down the isle to marry Marco.

Imani’s sixth sense is very active in this book. Those that know her, such as Melody, know she sees premonitions so this is nothing new, but when her vision is of someone she loves dearly it could turn her world upside down. Will this tragedy strengthen their bond of friendship or open up secrets that have been buried back in college?

I thought I enjoyed book two in this series until I started reading this one. The author started this book with a twist that sets the tone for the rest of the novel. The prior books the author gave a good finale but she did the opposite and started with a bang that had my heart racing as I read along. Reading along and then realized the words no, no, no were repeatedly coming from me. Oh the emotions that this book put me through; I didn’t know if I was suppose to be happy or sad. Either way love was going to find it’s way among the characters.

Lance is divorced from Heather, and I am happy to say he didn’t revert back to his college days of frequent sleep-around-miles. Before Imani’s wedding in book two he confessed his love for her not only verbally but it also showed in his actions. I am starting to like Lance in this book.

I can’t say the same for Melody. She still works my nerves and the accusations she speak in this installment are serious and can be damaging to her marriage and others.

Again, I am happy that I picked this series to read. The author’s writing and talent for story telling really shows in this novel. This was not a simple or boring plot. Once again she incorporates many twist and even a little extrasensory sensation with Imani’s sixth sense and a ghost appearance.

The trio is growing as they marry and have children. I didn’t like the idea of Trevor and his wife Erycah having so many children back to back at such a young age.

I enjoyed seeing these three characters grow and hope the author would consider continuing their story.

A highly recommended read where you grow to know the characters as their friendship has upheld strong bonds, as they endure lost and as they continue on into marriage and parenthood.

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