Trouble Tied Up by Maxine Marsh

Trouble Tied Up by Maxine Marsh
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short story (78 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 3 stars
Reviewed by Fern

One night, in a small town in Texas, Clayton and DJ meet and have a one-night stand. He’s a serious dominant at heart who’s lost his perfect submissive and DJ is responsive to his ways but is trying to stay out of trouble after getting paroled from prison.

In the end they believe what’s done is done—they go their separate ways. The next day it turns out that DJ is starting a new job at a horse rehabilitation ranch—and Clayton’s her boss.

Clayton liked his work and his routine and was perfectly happy with nothing and no one upsetting either of them. One night he notices a stranger at the local bar and after he gives DJ a lift to the local motel he can’t resist when she invites him inside. He knows she might be trouble – but for once he’s willing to risk his routine and carefully ordered life. The next morning Clayton discovers DJ is actually his newly hired ranch-hand and Clayton knew they were both in for far more trouble than he’d initially realized.

This is a steamy-hot story with a deliciously spicy hint of kink to it. There’s quite an age-gap between Clayton and DJ, but neither of them find that a problem, particularly considering they have sex within minutes of meeting each other. I liked how there was a number of layers to DJ in particular and while there was some plot to the story, to me it was clearly all about the kinky sex and growing relationship between Clayton and DJ. Much of the first half of the story is based on DJ and Clayton solidifying their relationship – so I feel that readers looking for a well-fleshed out plot might find this aspect of the story a little disappointing until close to the end of the story.

While the heat and growing intimacy between Clayton and DJ can’t be denied, I’m not entirely sure this story will appeal to everyone. Clayton has a talent for treating, taming and corralling wild and damaged horses and he views his sexual appetites into BDSM in a very similar manner. It felt like – in Claytons mind at least – taming and “breaking” a filly was truly on par with enticing DJ as his new lover and introducing her to the aspects of BDSM that he craved. The similarities between Clayton treating the abused horses and his wooing and taming of DJ walked a very fine to my mind and I felt very slightly uncomfortable sometimes while reading this story. I generally think of myself as being fairly broad minded when reading so I’m not sure if this just didn’t fully appeal to me personally or if perhaps the comparisons might not hit the right note with other readers either. I ended up deciding it was one of those polarizing things – I think some readers will be like me and find it didn’t hit the mark, but others will absolutely love this and be deeply affected – so it will certainly be a matter of taste, I think.

A spicy and definitely unique BDSM read this was a good book with strong and complicated characters. Clayton and DJs antics won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but the heat and chemistry between them was undeniable to me and although uncomfortable in places I enjoyed this different and interesting read.

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