Trouble in Rio by Carl Weber with M. T. Pope

Trouble in Rio by Carl Weber with M. T. Pope
Publisher: Urban Books
Genre: Contemporary, Action/Adventure
Length: Full Length (240 pgs)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Ginger

Rio Duncan is one of the youngest children of the Duncan clan. With no solid position in the family business like his other siblings, he has been feeling out of place and decides to disappear. Rio leaves his Duncan identity behind and goes on a search for friends and family who can relate to him. His destination is Baltimore, and he is sure to find what he is looking for in the city with a community like no other. There, he also finds unexpected trouble.

Corey Grant is making a name for himself in Baltimore with an inherited drug empire and a complicated relationship with his right-hand man. With plenty on his plate, Corey has almost no time for the romance he wants with Dre, and he feels like they are growing apart. That brings about a jealousy and insecurity that he doesn’t know how to control.

Diana Black is Corey’s girlfriend-for-hire, and she has a taste for bad boys. She is loyal to Corey’s cause, but how long will that last?
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Rio’s personality and flair instantly gains him entrance into Corey’s circle. Rio says he’s looking for friends, but Corey is sure that other motives are on the table. When Rio has a change of heart about his newfound crew, he needs an escape plan. There is one problem: his family doesn’t know where he is. Did he inherit any of the ruthless traits he observed in his father and brothers? Can the most colorful Duncan son get out of Baltimore and back home safe and sound now that he’s on his own?

The Duncan family is known for having plenty of action and drama and even though Rio is the baby of the family the drama he brings to the family measures up just the same as any of the other Duncan children.

As a fan of the Family Business series I appreciated seeing Rio in a different light and to read a story of him on his own. Rio isn’t feeling the love and attention from his family. He’s feeling like he isn’t understood and that he doesn’t bring value to the family as his other brothers and sisters do. He decides to take a break away from it all, partly to see if his family even notices that he’s gone and partly to do what Rio enjoys – have fun and enjoy the luxury of his lifestyle. In the big city of Baltimore, trouble surely does find him.

In this story Corey, Diana, Dre and Pierre are introduced. Corey Parks, owner of the night club Wet Dreams, has inherited his father’s drug business. In his line of business, Corey has a secret that he feels can’t be told so he take measures to cover up his secret. Corey also owns Chic World where Diana works as a sought after fashion stylist. Rio’s desire for fashion is how he meets Diana. And so it begins – this is a quick read with a moving plot that Carl Weber is known for. I didn’t want to put the book down until I had finished the story. The authors touched on a sensitive subject of sexuality, those that fear it and those that also hide from it. The story was done in good taste but some of the name calling could be offensive to some readers.  Also, this book has a same sex relationship, though there’s not any sexual action, I still feel the need to mention this in my review since the character’s sexuality is heavily mentioned in the storyline.

As with the books before this author knows how to keep the readers interest. He’s a professional storyteller whose characters range from ordinary to eccentric to treacherous. Rio is the eccentric portion of that, and readers will also find the treacherous side in this read. That’s what makes his writing so entertaining the plot is attention catching but he also has well developed characters that draw the readers into their thoughts and mannerisms. Reading his books is not just a story it’s getting to really know someone.

There are secrets that will be revealed. My attention was so focused on one portion of the plot that I didn’t realize there was more to it until it was revealed.

I enjoyed reading Rio’s story and I can say that Rio can hold his own and definitely prove that he is a Duncan. I loved how the family showed Rio that he is part of the family. This is an entertaining read that I would recommend.

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