Touching Ghost by Regina Carlysle

Touching Ghost by Regina Carlysle
a SEALs On Fire story
Publisher: The Wilder Roses
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (61 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

SEAL Ren “Ghost” Ramsey never expected sparks to fly when he meets up with his childhood friend, Dr. Sadie Ballew while on leave in Key West. He’s surprised to discover she’s successful, sexy, and divorced. Sadie had always been too good for the likes of him, a son of an alcoholic and slated to become no better. He should keep her at arm’s length, but he wants nothing more to burn up the sheets with the sassy lady she’s become.

Sadie isn’t fooled by the badassed, dangerous facade Ren wears like a second skin. She only sees the sweet yet conflicted boy she loved and lost all those years ago. Afraid to let him go off on another dangerous mission without knowing how she truly feels, Sadie needs to find the confidence to make the leap from friends to lovers.

Ren Ramsey hadn’t seen Sadie Ballew in over a decade, but she still looked like a gorgeous blast of sunshine even now. She’d been a loyal friend exactly when he’d needed one, and that wasn’t something the hard as nails SEAL was likely to forget. When Sadie had heard Ren would be in Key West for a few days R and R she’d booked a flight and hotel without even thinking about it. Determined once and for all to find out if she was woman enough for the man her childhood crush had become, she’s not willing to take no for an answer. Ren wants to keep this one ray of sunshine in his life, cling to the friendship he’s always held dear with Sadie, but a man can only resist so much.

This is a lovely, spicy story of when childhood crushes finally get realized in adulthood. The author does an amazing job of presenting both Ren and Sadie. I found them interesting, vibrant characters from the first page and once I started reading about their reunion I just couldn’t stop. While this is one of a series, it’s not at all necessary to have read the other ones to fully enjoy this. Having said that, readers who want to catch up on the other SEAL team members exploits won’t find too many nuggets here. The men are all off for some R and R and the story focuses fully on Ren and Sadie. While I was pleased with this, fans of the other characters might be a bit disappointed.

The sex in this book is prolific and smoldering. There are a few oral sex scenes and some exhibitionism – both of which I found tastefully written and smoking hot to read. Definitely keep the oven mitts handy and a glass of cold water too. I really fell in love with Ren and found Sadie a perfect match for him. Finally, a heroine with a backbone who can still be sweet too! When Ren tries to ease her down gently, to “save” her from further heartbreak by letting her go, she verbally punches the hell out of him for it – and I laughed and cheered aloud at this. The only slight disappointment I had was there was no plot outside of Ren and Sadie getting together. There’s tension knowing Ren will have to go back out into the field, and the heat of them finally taking that step beyond friends was amazing, but a little more plot or conflict would have made this a perfect book. But I adored the characters and found this still a really excellent story and one I plan to recommend to friends.

Nothing is sexier than a man in uniform, and a SEAL who has overcome a hard past and finally claimed the women he grew up loving is a hard act to beat. With awesome characters, good pacing and a lovely writing style, Regina Carlysle is definitely someone I want to look into, and this series is one I plan to look up again.

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