Tony by Sean Michael

Tony by Sean Michael
Shibari Auction House
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday (Christmas)
Length: Short Story (51 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Closing up the Shibari Auction House on Christmas Eve, manager Yves is looking forward to his hot turkey dinner and a week off when he’s propositioned by a young man, offering blow jobs. Yves doesn’t need to pay for sex, but he can’t leave the young hooker out on the street on Christmas Eve.

Tony’s been on the street for a long time, and now he’s also on the run from his pimp. When the tall dude agrees to pay him five hundred dollars for the night, and then takes him home and feeds him instead of fucking him, he’s worried it’s too good to be true. He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop and for Yves to turn out to be a serial killer.

Can anything real come out of this chance meeting?

Yves is closing up the Shibari Auction House for the Christmas break. When a young man, barely dressed properly against the freezing weather steps out and propositions Yves, the man quickly makes up his mind. He has plenty of food and a warm spare room. Yves gives Tony the money and takes him home, wanting the young man to not be cold and hungry over the holiday season. At first Tony is completely baffled – who pays just to have a rent boys platonic company? – but soon he finds himself relaxing, and he knows how dangerous that can be.

This is a short, wonderful story. I loved how patient Yves is, and how street smart Tony is. Despite his initial suspicion, underneath his street weariness is a soft, charming young guy. I also really enjoyed the pacing of this story. Tony isn’t the sort of character that struck me as one who would just immediately lower his guard. He’s a whore and has been on the street for a number of years. While he’d happily give out a blow job or spend the night in some stranger’s bed for the right amount of money, opening his heart and giving his trust are worth far more than cash could ever buy. And since Yves is only interested in Tony’s heart and trust, it was bound to take time, patience and skill for them both to get there. Watching that unfold was magical to me.

This slower pace, even for such a short story, felt exactly right and I loved the small gestures, the careful easing of Tony into Yves’ life. Tony was resistant, distrustful at first and that made the slow seduction even sweeter for me. This is an amazing story about two men coming together over Christmas, and how a weary soul can learn to trust and love once again. An amazing story and one I’d strongly recommend.

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