To Read or Not to Read by Vincent Hobbes

To Read or Not to Read by Vincent Hobbes
Publisher: Hobbes End Entertainment, LLC
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal, Suspense/Mystery/Thriller
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Lavender

Gunter von Strauss owns a small bookstore. He carries something for everyone’s taste.

He also carefully inspects each book, making sure they are safe to read.

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To Read or not to Read is a quirky short story with an unpredictable ending. Shelby is a young woman with time to kill and so walks into a bookstore to browse. The bookstore owner is peculiar fellow who offers his patrons more than just books. But what?

As Shelby talks with him, she glances at her watch periodically because she has to pick up her kids soon. The proprietor keeps her entertained and curious with his promises of something unforgettable. She’ll get more than just a few minutes of reading time if she will only rent a few minutes in the back room with a good book.

As the conversation goes along, others show up with their own strange bits of information. Shelby is assured that renting time to read there will change her life. The suspense picks up. The claims seem so…far-fetched. But what the hey, why not try?

While Shelby is back there reading, the proprietor chats with another customer. Shelby has been back there too long. All the while, the proprietor hopes he didn’t forget anything important. He goes to check on Shelby, and wow, did he ever forget something big.

The story is great at creating a sense of curiosity and tension through the use of character dialogue and interaction. The ending is surprising and has the feel of a horror story. For those readers who don’t mind a creepy ending, why not give this short tale a try?

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