To Love a Texas Ranger by Linda Broday

To Love a Texas Ranger by Linda Broday
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Genre: Historical
Length: Full Length (448 pages)
Heat Level: Spicy
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Camellia

Gravely injured on the trail of a notorious criminal, Texas Ranger Sam Legend boards a train bound for his family ranch to recuperate…only to find himself locked in battle to save a desperate woman on the run. Determined to rescue the beautiful Sierra, Sam recruits an unlikely ally. But can he trust the mysterious gunslinger to fight at his side?

Sam is shocked to discover his new ally is not only an outlaw, but his half-brother. Torn between loyalty to his job and love of his family, Sam goes reeling straight into Sierra’s arms. Yet just as the walls around his battered heart begin to crumble, Sierra is stolen away. Sam will risk anything to save her—his life, his badge, his very soul—knowing that some bonds are stronger than the law…and some legends were born to be told.

To Love a Texas Ranger comes to life with action, cruel outlaws, a mystery treasure map, a mystery man who aids Ranger Sam Legend BIG TIME and a “throw-away” girl who says she “can’t be fixed;” yet brings light, reality, and confidence back to Sam after his near-death experience.

Linda Broday’s smooth weaving in of foreshadowing and backstory adds to the intrigue as Sam Legend, Sierra Hunt, and “Andrew Evans,” the mystery man, make the outlaw-infested journey to the Legend’s Lone Star Ranch. Over and above the outlaws threatening, the weather, wounds, and personal worries make life miserable for them. However, amid all the danger, worries and woes, love tiptoes in, puts down roots, and hangs on tenaciously regardless of the obstacles that look insurmountable—a beautiful love that is caring, sweet, and sensual with a touch of spice.

The unraveling of the man and map mysteries reach back to time-gone-by when human flaws and frailties set in motions the events ruling the main characters’ lives at the time of the story. This makes for reading that captivates.

There are other themes besides love, familial relationships, feelings of guilt, and low self-esteem that add depth to this story—a Prodigal Son theme, a “Greater love hath no man than this…” theme, and “…be sure your sins will find you out” theme; yet religious events are not a part of the story.

To Love a Texas Ranger is thought-provoking and compelling with a few twists that are attention-keeping. But, of course, the very best part is the true, pure love that rings clear with a “foreverness” quality.

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