To Catch a Vampire by B.J. McCall

To Catch a Vampire by B.J. McCall
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (93 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Xeranthemum

Agent Archer Dane is after a vampire. Having been one himself, he understands the creature he hunts. Teaming up with a local cop after the same culprit seems like a good idea. She’s blonde, beautiful and the perfect bait. All he has to do is scent the trap.

Detective Valen Wynn doesn’t believe in the supernatural, but something weird is going down in her town. Blonde women found naked with bite marks on their necks have her baffled and the town on edge. Valen needs help catching the criminal, and joining forces with a handsome fed presents an irresistible solution. After all, there’s no such things as vampires. Right?

I am impressed with Ms. McCall’s version of vampirism and the very suspenseful tale woven amongst all the sexy times in To Catch a Vampire. I am a happy reader.

Truly, I appreciated the fact that the author chose to set the stage first. The crime was detailed enough to give me insight as to both its seriousness, and the level of dedication and disciplined focus that the heroine, Detective Valen Wynn, brings to the case. She took her duty seriously and that comes into play later on.

Archer is the mystery. Even though this story is told in the third person point of view from both their perspectives, there were things I didn’t learn until he revealed it in dialogue to Valen. The hero’s history is fascinating and the fact that what has helped him isn’t 100% a done deal also intrigued me. The organization and Doc, whoever they are, sound quite intriguing. It seems Archer is a work in progress and while he can, he fights the good fight. In this novella, his past comes to haunt him and he has to face it head on. Unfortunately, Valen is dragged into it and she becomes a pawn. I really liked how Archer tried to balance his growing love for her with his directive – bring in the villain or kill him.

Valen and Archer make a good team. I was so worried at one part because I thought she was going to go all ‘Rambo’ and go it alone. Too many books take that tack and I was thrilled that the author had instead the heroine playing it smart. She still was true to her profession, to protect and serve, but as any good cop knows, backup can sometimes be the key to survival in a sticky situation. You can’t get any stickier than facing a vampire that doesn’t want to give up on their ‘fun’.

I was even impressed with how the author wove the bed-action into the plot. It actually served a dual purpose and was essential for the plans Archer had. He just never expected it to become more than just a job. He was risking his heart and that made the final confrontation all the more potent, powerful and gripping. It wasn’t just sex. It was that intense emotional level that gave more clout to this story and made To Catch a Vampire more than just a typical erotic romance. The book has substance and that’s why I enjoyed reading it so much.

I heartily recommend To Catch a Vampire to fellow romantic erotic suspense readers. Ms. McCall managed to balance the thrill of solving a case with the excitement of sexual attraction, creating a novella worth reading. I had fun.


  1. Xeranthemum

    Thank you for reviewing To Catch A Vampire. I’m pleased you enjoyed the book.


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