Thrill Seeker by Kristina Lloyd

Thrill Seeker by Kristina Lloyd
Publisher: Black Lace
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (366 pgs)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage, Multiple Partners, Anal Play, Forced Seduction, Fetish, Toys, Spanking
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Clover

‘I’d never set out to snag Mr Right but I’d veered so far off that track I was now at the mercy of Mr Dangerously Wrong…’

Betrayed by her lover, Natalie Lovell finds herself exploring the world of internet dating.

Then she meets a dark sexy stranger online who promises all the danger, excitement and dominance she craves. But how far will Natalie go to get the ultimate in thrills…?

Desire can be a dangerous thing, especially when it knocks all sense off course and satisfaction becomes the only goal. But occasionally in life, you just have to go for what you damn well want, grab it by the balls and hang on for the ride!

I let myself fall into the sumptuously written Thrill Seeker whilst lying on a sunny Spanish beach. Warmth and the artificialness of a week of no worries allowed me to drift to a shadowy place where seedy desires and dangerous wanting ruled in the harsh light of day. Did I regret that drift into a forbidden, dark and dangerous world? No way! Because Ms Lloyd makes it all okay to do so. I adored that about Thrill Seeker, the absolute ownership of the heroine’s kinky desires and her attitude of not having to gain permission or explain the reason for her lusty fantasies but to just go with what feels really-damn-good regardless of societies frowning face or the guilt that might knock at the door afterwards.

Thrill Seeker is edgy for sure, but when you pluck a Kristina Lloyd book off the shelf (or in my case download to Kindle) what do you expect? For me that’s the draw of this author, I love being taken to the periphery of what is both mine and the heroine’s comfort zone. Being in the heroine’s head and hearing her articulate her way down a complex path as she searches for the experiences she craves is both intimate and grounding. What I loved most about Natalie India was her absolute self-belief, she was on seriously dodgy territory more than a few times, my heart raced for her on occasion and I questioned her sanity more than once, not least I wondered what the hell her mother would say, but, ultimately she took control. In a world where submission can be seen as weak, this book throws that concept right out of the water. Submission, simply, is about power, and allowing another person to have that power, and the exchanges that ricochet around the pages in Natalie’s story kept me panting for more and breathless to see if her risk would pay off with the ultimate thrill. Her power was knife sharp, she also walked on a knife’s edge. I couldn’t stop reading…

There are three main men in Thrill Seeker, a shaky starting point for a lot of books unless the intention is a ménage; but these three guys, and to an extent the extra peripheral men too, create the sexual experiences and ‘right now’ that is the heroine’s moment. For me I found this very real; no one is made up of one sexual encounter, it is the sum total not the parts that creates a sexual history. And, despite being so different, I liked all the men, a lot, they each brought something vital to the structure of the novel, be it sweet, dangerous, painful or soul-aching, not one could have been omitted. What ever the reader’s ultimate thoughts are, Den, Liam and Baxter are key players in Natalie’s life and each so different and so in tune with the varied currents that float her boat that I adored them all. Obsession after all, is a powerful train to step aboard and I, for one, understood her reasons for buying that ticket!

I’d hate to go into much more detail and spoil the absolute delight that is Thrill Seeker by revealing the plot, but suffice to say it won’t disappoint. If you like a leading lady who can jump up and shout about her desire then be forced to bend to the will of a dominant man go get yourself a copy of Thrill Seeker today and then make sure, like me, you have ample time to immerse yourself in the dirty, delightful goings-on in Saltbourne. You won’t be disappointed by this gloriously edgy 5* read!


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