Threatened by J. Lilley

Threatened by J. Lilley
Shalean Moon Book 5
Publisher: Lycaon Press
Genre: Contemporary Paranormal, YA
Length: Short Story (84 pages)
Age Recommendation: 12+
Rating: 3.0 stars
Reviewed by Cyclamen

As friends unite and enemies surge, can Shalea be saved?

Shalea is in danger. The friends need to unite to face the unknown forces threatening to destroy them all. As old secrets are unveiled, and new alliances formed, will it be enough to save their Sept. Or is all going to be lost under the Shalean Moon?

Rach’s dad is furious after receiving her text message saying that she has stopped off at her friend Leira’s home without asking, saying that she will spend the night with her friend and go to school from her friend’s house in the morning. There is even a voicemail from Leira’s dad saying that Rach is fine and not to worry, but Tony is worried.

This is the fifth in J. Lilly’s Shalean Moon series, and it was a bit difficult to get into because I had not read the first four books. It took awhile to find out that the Shalean were magical shape shifters and that there were Rogues who were trying to steal Rach, a half-blooded Shalean. That being said, Lilley does provide just enough information to get into the story even if the reader hasn’t read the previous books. Obviously, for those who have read the earlier novels this is not a problem.

The plot is fast moving and has a number of unexpected twists and turns. The characters are well described and engaging, and I found myself turning the pages quickly, reading the novel in one sitting. Telepathic communication, supernatural abilities, and shape-shifting are all part of the life in the Scottish village where this novel takes place. Lilley does a great job of explaining how characters act in both their animal and their human forms, and her descriptions of the actual shifting are quite believable.

I do think that it would have been helpful though to have a brief summary of what has gone before for those who haven’t read the first four books. I feel that such a summary would make the reading experience even richer. Also, this book ends with a real cliffhanger, as I expect the earlier books did also, so it appears as if these novels are really parts of a larger whole. This book was only 84 pages long, so combining the series into one or two longer works would be a definite possibility.

This novel was an enjoyable read, and I now have Resolved, Book 6 in the series, ready to go. Hopefully I will find time to go back and pick up the first four books as the series is definitely exciting.

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