Thinking of You by Jill Mansell

Thinking of You by Jill Mansell
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (424 pgs)
Heat Level: Sensual
Rating: 5 Stars
Reviewed by Stephanotis

When Ginny Holland’s daughter heads off to university, Ginny is left with a severe case of empty nest syndrome. To make matters worse, the first gorgeous man she’s laid eyes on in years has just accused her of shoplifting. So, in need of a bit of company, Ginny decides to advertise for a lodger, but what she gets is lovelorn Laurel. With Laurel comes her dangerously charming brother, Perry and the offer of a great new job, and things begin looking up…until Ginny realizes that her potential boss is all too familiar. Is it too late for Ginny to set things right after an anything but desirable first impression?

Thinking of You is the second book I’ve read by Jill Mansell, and just like the first one it was an enjoyable read from first page to last. One thing I love about her books is they’re full of three dimensional characters who seem to become more real with each chapter you read. In fact, all the characters are so wonderful that you’re not sure who to cheer for.

A common element with her books is characters facing issues we all have, or will face, like falling out with friends, children leaving home, the empty nest syndrome, fearing it’s too late to do something with your life. There’s always at least one character you can identify with which I think adds to the enjoyment of the book.

The dialogue between all the characters is also life-like. Some of them are quirky which I think adds to the fun factor of reading a story by Ms. Mansell. She also does a wonderful job with the setting and the description of places like Gem’s flat at the university and Finn’s restaurant.

Despite its four hundred plus pages, the pacing is spot own and you find yourself half way through the book before you realize it.

If you enjoy women’s fiction with a touch of British Chick Lit thrown in, I think this is probably the ideal pick for you.

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