Thicker Than Water by Janet Majerus


Thicker Than Water by Janet Majerus
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Suspense/Mystery, Contemporary
Length: Short Story (138 pages)
Rating: 5 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

After nearly losing her life because of her unsolicited involvement in a recent murder case, Jessie vows to mind her own business this time. However, in Thicker Than Water, Jessie again fails and finds herself in the middle of a web of family intrigue that stretches back four generations.

When Fred Kroner died, he left his millions to a long-lost niece, Johanna Kroner, that no one knew existed. This ignites a fierce family battle. The bequest includes a reward to the person who locates the niece. In case she cannot be found or is proven dead, Fred’s nephew and a televangelist will split the spoils.

A badly charred body of a female with a bullet hole through her forehead is found in the ashes of the old homestead after it had been deliberately torched. A driver’s license issued in the name of Johanna Kroner is found at the scene.

Is the body really Johanna? If so, why was she in the supposedly empty house? If not, who is the dead woman, and why was she shot? And why the deception? Could it be the work of one of the backup legatees, the nephew or the reverend. The questions continue to multiply. Jessie’s work is cut out for her.

Jessie is a successful children’s author who has returned to her home town after a marriage break up. Gil is the local sheriff and they find they have a lot in common. A mysterious fire at the home of Fred Kroner, a deceased resident, sets off a train of events which neither could have imagined.

Every time Jessie feels she has solved one mystery, another appears to cloud the final answer. She and Gil try to get a quiet weekend together but even this is shattered when another fire drags them home before the weekend is over.

This story is funny, mysterious and at times scary. Gil always has a rational explanation for everything. Jessie’s imagination is forever running wild. Well, she is an author. The quiet Spencer County has never before experienced such criminal activities in their community. Jessie believes it all hinges on Fred Kroner’s last will and testament. She tries to find a connection between the inheritors and people she suspects might benefit from the fires and accidents, but Gil tries to dissuade her from getting involved.

Definitely a mystery with suspense thrown in, plus a smattering of romance. I enjoyed reading this as I felt I was there with Jessie, experiencing things when she did, feeling the love of Gil, working through the mystery and feeling scared by the information she uncovers. This is definitely a book I’d read again. The intrigue brings it to life and the characters are true to life people like the next door neighbor. Like everyone, the neighbors have their own secrets, some of which are uncovered by Jessie.

Ms Majerus has definitely worked hard on “Thicker Than Water” to make it the best book possible.

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