There’s Something About Werewolves by Thalia Eames

There’s Something About Werewolves by Thalia Eames
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (187 Pages)
Heat Level: Hot
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Reviewed by Tulip

Their second chance ignites with a bite.

Lennox Averdeen’s top three worst fears:

1. Anything remotely canine.

2. Finding out she has a secret baby.

3. Running into Garrett Anderson. Former best friend. Heartbreaker.

She pulls a trifecta when she realizes the stray canine and the tween kid hanging around her house are not only one and the same, he’s Garrett’s wolf shifter son.

When Garrett tracks down his runaway son and sees Lennox again, the widowed father’s heart begins to struggle against his self-imposed chains. Plus, just coming into town pits him against the local Alpha, and everything he hates about pack life. The death, the heartache.

Despite her fears, Lennox becomes the boy’s mother in all but DNA. But Garrett? He can hula-hoop with the nine rings of hell. Except the heat of attraction has never died, and there’s only one way to slake their sexual thirst. Make a smoking-hot deal, agree to part as friends…and try to ignore the sound of Fate howling with laughter.

This was a very entertaining book that got me hooked on the series.

The author blended in everything needed to keep me engaged throughout this book. It was an easy read with lots of drama, romance, angst, and humor. The story had a unique spin on the usual shifter plot and wrote this one as a second chance at love romance. Garret and Lennox were best friends once but never admitted their true feelings until it was much too late. Their friendship was irrevocably broken when Garret married someone else and Lennox was left alone. Years have gone by and they are thrown together again. The connection is still there but the hurt feelings, other people and major baggage get in the way.

This book was well written with interesting characters and charming banter that made it a lovely read. I really enjoyed the humor and found myself laughing out loud at some of the scenes. It had interesting secondary characters that livened up the story quite a bit and also has me anxious to read the second book in this promising new series. I hope it’s about Ian because I felt so bad for him and would love to see him get a happy ending.

This book was fun and interesting to read. I am happy to recommend it to everyone.

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