The Wonk Decelerator by John Joseph Doody

The Wonk Decelerator by John Joseph Doody
Book One of The Guild Saga
Publisher: eTreasures Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Short Story (133 pages)
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Orchid

For Earthers dwelling in Guild space, it is a one-hundred year journey back to Earth. An unimaginable voyage, until now.

When Guild commander and crack pilot, Thad Cochran boards the shuttle destined for the casinos of Timmerus, finding a way back to Earth is not on his radar. He wants the five-percent finder’s fee the Guild is offering for a black box held by the lizard-like Yazz. Thad has a dream: With the loot he will get for stealing the Wonk Decelerator, he can buy a ranch on Beta Prime.

But things begin to fall apart for him in the dark caverns of Timmerus, and Thad must reconsider his priorities in life. Has he discovered a cause greater than his dream? Are there actually more important things to life than money and his dream? What about the woman who is waiting for him? What about freedom in the galaxy? And what about his discovery, fashioned by the gnarled hands of a brilliant, old Yazz, that could change everything?

Thad Cochran has a choice to make. He can fulfill his quest, escape with his life and be rich. Or he can fly with the Wonks … one more time.

Fascinating title for a science fiction novel. I puzzled over the meaning but by the end I knew exactly what a Wonk Decelerator does.

Set in the future when there is a wide variation of humanoid life forms, Commander Thad Cochrane is asked to steal the Decelerator while his captain Maggie Thorn tries to dissuade him and when this fails, she tries to get the higher ups to abort the mission. She is unsuccessful and Thad proceeds with his task on the planet Timmerus while Maggie waits in the spaceship above the planet. At first all goes well, but things take an unexpected turn when a killbot intervenes.

I enjoyed reading this book until I got to the end. I know it’s the first of a series but the end of the story finished too abruptly for my liking. Too many threads hanging loose, but not the sort to make me long for the next book.

Thad and Maggie made a nice couple. She worries about him while he is doing this job to finance their future together. Maggie doesn’t let her feelings get in the way of her job and still comes across as a tough, hardcase woman but her inner self is warm and caring. I liked the concept, the story was well written and flowed well until the end. I would read the second in the series to find out the answers to the questions left unanswered. A Wonk Decelerator is …. read the book to find out.

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