The Woman He Married by Julie N. Ford

The Woman He Married by Julie N. Ford
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (429 pgs)
Rating: 5 stars
Review by Rose

Once an aspiring young attorney, Josie looked forward to taking on the injustices of the world—one case at a time. Eleven years later, she’s a stay-at-home mom and battling demons that don’t require a law degree. Only keeping up pretenses proves more than she can bear when a bracelet that should have been hers shows up on the wrist of another woman. Her marriage slowly begins to unravel as an ex-lover comes back into her life. When he offers her the dreams she thought she’d lost, Josie must chose between the man she married and the one she let get away.

John has always known exactly what he wanted. A career as a high-powered attorney, followed by the perfect family of six, and then elected public service. So it was no surprise that the first time he laid his eyes on Josie, he knew she was the one he’d share his dreams with. More than a decade, and one tragic miscalculation later, all he has worked for is slipping through his fingers. Powerless to stem the flow, the one thing he remains certain of: he can’t lose the woman he married.

I really enjoyed this book and it may be partly because I feel like I know these people. The characters could have been friends of mine and I can see the conflicts these characters are going through. The actions rang true to me—and you might want to reach out and shake both John and Josie, but that’s because you can see what they are going through and how they are each sabotaging each other and their marriage.

There was a lot of growth on both sides as the characters strive to see if their marriage can be saved.

The book is very well written—the characters are fully rounded. The story is told from both John and Josie’s POVs so we can see how they have arrived at the place they are now. I was drawn into the story and wanted to know what was going to happen because, since this is not a romance, there was not necessarily going to be a HEA at the end.

I also liked the secondary characters, especially Josie’s best friend, and would love to see more of her in the series.

Note: this book may not be for everyone—there are a lot of strong feelings about infidelity in books, but unfortunately, it can be a part of life and this book depicts a marriage that badly needs fixing and does it in a very realistic and compelling way. I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for more books by this author.


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  3. Julie Ford says:

    Rose, Thanks SO much for taking the time to read and review my novel. I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the story and were able to connect to the characters despite their flaws. As you indicated, this story has been a hard one to stomach for some readers. My goal in writing this book was to show a more real-life depiction of a troubled marriage and how even two people who probably shouldn’t have stayed together find away to work it out. Thanks again!! Julie N Ford

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    Sounds like a great read.

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