The Witch’s and the Wolf’s Curse by Julia Pazdro

The Witch’s and the Wolf’s Curse by Julia Pazdro
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Historical
Rating: 3 Stars
Reviewed by Astilbe

Mystery and Magic, creating a beautiful blend of words.

As the witch entered the woods, with her wolf close behind her, she knew that tonight was going to be difficult.

Today was the long-awaited day. After 12 long years, she is finally going to attempt to break the curse.

Will she succeed? What is the curse? Can she have a happily ever after?

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There aren’t many witches out there in the fantasy genre that I remember being introduced to by a description of how they cried for an entire year. That was certainly a unique way to give the audience a glimpse into who Arabella was both as a witch and as a human being. I couldn’t help but to wonder what purpose her tears might serve and if she’d eventually find a way to dry them for good.

This story would have benefitted from stronger plot development. So much time was spent explaining how Arabella was trying to break the curse that I didn’t get to learn much about why it was placed to begin with. It also would have been nice to know something about how she discovered the spell that would potentially break it as virtually nothing was mentioned about that topic at all. Not having information like this dampened my interest in seeing how it ended.

One of the most interesting sentences was the one that described who else lived in the woods like these two characters did. It listed ordinary creatures like bats and owls that can be found in many different forests. What it mentioned after that point made me perk up and hope for more information. It’s always fun to discover new aspects of a world with brief, simple, but important lines like that one.

I also would have loved to see some character development in this piece. Despite being the only two characters who were actively part of the scenes, I didn’t feel like I got to Arabella or her wolf companion well at all. It would be hard for me to describe their personalities beyond a few generic comments about how persistent she was when searching for the spell she needed to break the curse. There was so much more room here for the audience to get to know both of these individuals.

The final scene was a good one. Without going into too much detail, it showed what happened after Arabella cast her spell and she and her companion returned home again. I enjoyed pondering the new questions it raised. It simultaneously left room for a sequel while also wrapping up the most important conflict in this tale.

Anyone who loves fantasy and romance should check out The Witch’s and the Wolf’s Curse.

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