The Two and The Proud by Heather Long


The Two and The Proud by Heather Long
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (33 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 stars
Reviewed by Aster

Roger Michael Easton IV, better known as Rowdy, flouted the family’s Naval tradition to enlist in the Marines—not as an officer, but a ground pounding grunt. He never expected to see as much combat or valor as he did in the field, but every engagement furthered his commitment to his brothers in arms. Now, with an early offer on the table to end his contract, Rowdy has to take a long look at the life he left behind, the life he’s built, and the future he longs to have.

Rowdy also wants a woman who gets him.

Inactive Marine, Kim Wakefield, continues to serve her country as a Naval Criminal Investigator. She’s hard on the grunts and sailors because she is one of them—and they didn’t sign up for easy. Tired of the seedier side of military life—picking up drunk Marines, AWOL sailors, busting drug running operations, or worse, sending drug addicted servicemen to court marshal and treatment, she longs to have her faith in her fellow Marines restored.

Kim wants a man who knows what she needs.

Thrown together by chance on a 1Night Stand, the jarheads have a combustible chemistry—but do they have what it takes to give each other what they want?

Who would be the perfect match for a rough and tough Marine? Well, another Marine, of course!

Rowdy Easton is at a crossroads in his life. Coming up to the end of his stint in the Marines, he’s trying to decide whether to continue or leave the corps. His preference would be to stay, but with cutbacks taking place, he doesn’t want to take another’s place. Mix his professional confusion with personal loneliness and you’ve got a perfect candidate for a 1Night Stand.

Kim Wakefield is an inactive Marine turned NCIS investigator. For a number of reasons, not the least of which is dealing with her own battle of the sexes, she’s signed up for Madame Eve’s service in the hopes of sharing one wild night.

These two were ripe for a one night stand. Their attraction seemed immediate, and they both seemed pleased to have found an unexpected level of respect for the other as well. The sex was smoking hot, as was the attempts at conversation during. I’m not sure I got the same relationship vibe from these two that I have gotten in other Heather Long tales, or other 1Night Stand authors, but the purpose of their date – one night – was very satisfying.

The epilogue left me a bit surprised, but happy for the couple. Rowdy made a decision that I didn’t see coming, and wished we had his point of view as to why (Was it for her? That’s my hope) but it left us with our happy ending, and that is the most important part to me!

As always, Ms. Long doesn’t disappoint. The heat factor was off the charts, even in limited pages. The Always a Marine series is a crowd pleaser for sure, and The Two and The Proud is no exception!

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