The Supers by Sean Michael

The Supers by Sean Michael
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length (235 pgs)
Other: M/M, Anal Play
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Hunting ghosts and finding more than they bargained for.

Blaine Franks is a member of the paranormal research group the Supernatural Explorers. When the group loses their techie to a cross-country move, newly graduated Flynn Huntington gets the job. Flynn fits in with the guys right off the bat, but when it comes to him and Blaine, it’s more than just getting along.

Things heat up between Blaine and Flynn as they explore their first haunted building, an abandoned hospital, together. Their relationship isn’t all that progresses, though, and soon it seems that an odd bite on Blaine’s neck has become much more.

Hitchhiking ghosts, a tragic love story forgotten by time, and the mystery of room 204 round out a romance where the things that go bump in the night are real.

Blaine loved his work with the Supers and while excited for their next job, he hoped that the new technician would work out. Flynn, much to Blaine’s surprise and pleasure, was not just a believer in the paranormal, but also had his own very personal reasons to want to prove that ghosts exist. Blaine is excited to welcome Flynn to their crew and when the chemistry between them goes off the scale their working relationship quickly becomes far more intimate than either man expected.

This is a really interesting story – a bit of a departure from the usual Sean Michael books I’ve read previously. Strongly paranormal, I believe this story is written in a contemporary setting (small mentions of breast cancer, a bar and grill, EMF readings and modern technology) but other readers could very easily view this as more of a steampunk-ish setting. I strongly felt while reading it that apart from small mentions here and there of contemporary items it really could fit easily into a readers’ imagination of a variety of time-periods. Possibly helping with this flexible setting was the main characters could have easily fitting into both the historical or contemporary settings. In my opinion I feel like this was written specifically to be left open to the interpretation of the reader. I could easily believe a wide range of readers will not only enjoy this story – but could certainly take different things away from it, and that’s quite a gift Mr. Michael has conveyed.

I was really impressed with the characters. The team of Supers were all different, multi-layered characters each with their own quirks and back-story. The fact they were all good friends and worked well together as a team really helped me thoroughly enjoy the story and get quite attached to them all. I also loved the plot – complex and deep it wasn’t just some hastily scrabbled-together thing to string lines between the sex scenes. I felt the plot wound throughout the entire story, in parts the plot was even more important than the sex and growing relationship between Flynn and Blaine – which was a real pleasure to read and try to guess what had happened and where the plot would lead next.

I feel this story was really excellent – interesting and vibrant characters, a complex plot that was well thought out and that lasts properly through the story, love, romance and hot sex scenes. I have no hesitation in strongly recommending this story to pretty much all readers – a strong mystery, ghost hunters, hot M/M sex and a lightly steam-punk kind of feel to the setting I feel this is sure to appeal to a broad range of people.

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