The Sight Of Home by Sean Michael

The Sight Of Home by Sean Michael
Publisher: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, LGBTQ
Rating: 3.5 stars
Reviewed by Fern

Stone is used to getting around on his own, even if he is blind. When he decides to head out on a book tour to promote his latest title, though, he knows he needs more help than his seeing eye dog can provide. Stone decides to hire a personal assistant, someone to help be his eyes and ears on the road.

Mason seems like the perfect candidate, a strong, ex-military man who can take care of anything. Even if he can’t see Mason, Stone knows he’s attracted to the man’s gravely voice and hard body, and things start moving fast. Maybe too fast.

Will Stone scare Mason off with his strong feelings, or can Mason see how good they could be together?

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I enjoyed this lovely short story. While I didn’t find the speed with which Stone began to trust Mason to be very realistic I was pleased with the chemistry the two men had from the start. Keeping in mind both that this is an erotic romance and a short story, I couldn’t really fault the author for the overall pace of the relationship.

Where I found this story really excelled was in the day-to-day aspect of Stone and Mason growing together and learning the differences between their lives and seeing how they meshed together. Things like Stone focused a lot more on sounds and scents – giving Mason a different perspective on “seeing” the world. It was also lovely, of course, to see Stone trust Mason and get to “see” the world through his descriptions and comments.

I have to admit, at points the similarities between the two men’s name (Stone and Mason are so similar at least in my mind, both referencing a rock/brick/concrete/hard surface etc) that while they were two very distinct and different characters, the similar reference at least in my mind meant I mixed them up a number of times – which truthfully surprised me a little as that almost never happens to me. It’s a tiny niggle – and one that might just be me and my brain being odd – but it happened a number of times throughout the story so I presume at least some other readers may experience a similar thing.

The sex between the men was also smoking hot and deliciously explicit which helped the story speed along at a super fast pace. There is a lot of sex – perhaps as much as half of the story – which I feel readers should expect in an explicit romance story like this. Personally, I felt this was balanced with the growing relationship between the two men, but there wasn’t a lot of plot outside of this so readers looking for a convoluted or layered and deep story might want to consider this.

Romantic and emotional I found this to be a lovely story and despite a few quibbles about how fast it all happened and how very well the two men connected, this was a strongly written and really lovely story. Readers who like heroes that aren’t the cookie-cutter standard mould and relationships that are emotional and heart-felt should adore this story as much as I did.

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